In order to be competitive, Rosseti should travel the path of innovative development - Pavel Livinskiy

In order to be competitive, Rosseti should travel the path of innovative development - Pavel Livinskiy 07.06.2019

In the context of SPIEF 2019, Rosseti called a round table meeting on the topic "Strategic vector of energy companies in the platform economy".

As noted by the participants, the growth of the digital economy will be up to 25% of the global economy by 2020. It will be based on the growth of companies whose business is based on platform solutions.

In the next five years, the main component of the company's value will be the value of their platform ecosystem and digital assets.

As noted by the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, "energy traditionally retains the leading economic role in Russia, being one of the most developed and effective in the world." "Existing innovative solutions, in fact, are digital platforms that change the landscape of entire industry", - said Yuri Manevich.

"The power industry needs digital platforms. Their key goal is to digitize the chain of interaction between the company and the consumer, perform the function of the relationship between market participants and at the same time maintain open access for partners, suppliers and other market actors. The digital platform will focus on values for each of the participants on a single database," - Pavel Livinskiy, Rosseti CEO, underlined in his speech.

Integration into digital platforms can be a promising direction. It is all about creating additional shareholder value, capitalization of technological capabilities of the digital network, expanding the list of services provided to the rest of the platform participants.

Pavel Livinskiy also stressed that the question of joining or independent development to the level of the international, supranational platform remains open today. "As forecast, we can assume that the electricity company could take on infrastructure functions", - considers the head of Rosseti.

"Maintaining competitiveness, restraining the growth of prices for the end user, reducing the cost of ownership of the basic infrastructure are possible only with the implementation of the innovative development scenario," Pavel Livinskiy summed up.

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