Rosseti is going to allocate about 19 billion rubles to enhance security of Checnya power supply by 2024

Rosseti is going to allocate about 19 billion rubles to enhance security of Checnya power supply by 2024 23.04.2019

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Head of the Chechen Republic, and Pavel Livinsky, Rosseti CEO, held a working meeting. Members of the Chechen government, as well as top managers of the Rosseti Group together with Vitaly Ivanov, Director-General of IDGC of the North Caucasus and representatives of Chechenenergo, JSC discussed topical issues of power grid development in the region.

When setting the participants for a constructive and productive dialogue, the leader of the Chechen Republic emphasized that the authorities highly appreciate careful attention that the energy sector pays to the industry development in Chechnya.

Pavel Livinsky, in proof of Ramzan Kadyrov's statement, voiced some interim results of implementation of the modernization and security improvement program for the power grid of the Chechen Republic.

According to the report of Rosseti CEO, energy company specialists have arranged about 20 activities to provide power to the Grozny CHPP and built three new substations - Kurchaloy, Gudermes City, Chernorechye with a total cost of over 2 billion rubles since the beginning of 2017. In addition, 106 units of special equipment were purchased at a total cost of 295 million rubles.

"We conducted a comprehensive technical audit in order to obtain an objective assessment of the state of the power grid of the Republic. Eventually we decided to implement a comprehensive program to ensure reliable power supply to the Chechen Republic," Pavel Livinsky, Rosseti CEO, reported. – The program is designed for the period up to 2024, 18.8 billion rubles will be allocated for its implementation. This will make it possible both to prepare the power grid for trouble-free operation during the autumn-winter seasons, and significantly improve the reliability of power supply for citizens, resolve the urgent outage issue. We appreciate that Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader, and the Government of the Republic supported all of our planned activities."

Pavel Livinsky noted that at the first stage of the implementation of the Energy Security Improvement Program, more than 342 million rubles will be invested in the repair of power facilities. Moreover, it is planned to replenish the emergency stock, purchase backup power sources, vehicles for a total of 556 million rubles. Careful attention will be paid to personnel: additional teams to perform operational and repairing work are planned to be formed.

The parties also decided to establish an "anti-crisis commission" which will monitor the quality and efficiency of the implementation of all stages of the Program. The Commission will be composed of representatives of the authorities of the Chechen Republic, Rosseti PJSC, IDGC of North Caucasus Chechenenergo, JCS.

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