Andrei Maiorov, Chief Engineer of Rosseti, visited the facilities under construction for the SCO and BRICS-2020 summits

Andrei Maiorov, Chief Engineer of Rosseti, visited the facilities under construction for the SCO and BRICS-2020 summits 17.05.2019

Today, in Chelyabinsk, as part of an expanded meeting of the holding’s chief engineers Andrei Mayorov, Deputy Director-General and Chief Engineer of Rosseti, made a tour to the key facilities of the international forums of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the 2020 BRICS member countries and discussed the events with his colleagues.

Andrei Mayorov heads the headquarter of power supply security at the SCO and BRICS summits, which has been operating under the leadership of the Rosseti group since August 2018. During the inspection of the facilities, he noted that the company's power engineers continued to implement a set of activities aimed at ensuring secured power supply to the main sites for holding summits and residences of delegations from participating countries, including the Taganai-2020 Congress Hall, the presidential village Bely Khutor, cottage village Khrustalny and others.

The task of power engineers of Rosseti is the arrangement of a timeline of the external and internal power supply for all the venues of the summits by a special group of first reliability category with the use of a redundant uninterruptible power supplies and diesel generator sets.

"It is planned to reconstruct and repair the equipment involved in the power supply schemes of the facilities, extraordinary inspections and diagnostics will be carried out on a regular basis, in addition, the duty service for power supply of the SCO and BRICS events will be organized,” Andrei Mayorov said.

During the SCO and BRICS summits in Chelyabinsk, the Situation Analysis Center (SAC) will operate around the clock, and a special mode of operation (SMO) will be introduced all over the responsible area of the Chelyabinsk branch of Rosseti, round-the-clock duty of repair and operating personnel and maintenance of power grid facilities will be arranged. Careful attention shall be paid to the provision of enhanced physical, information and anti-terrorist security.

Today, Andrei Maiorov, Chief Engineer of Rosseti, has also visited one of the nodal power points of Chelyabinsk - the Shagol SS 500/220/110 kV.

In addition, during his visit to Chelyabinsk, Andrey Mayorov took part in a meeting that was held today in the Government of the Chelyabinsk region. The participants to the meeting discussed the issues of ensuring reliable power supply to the facilities involved in the 2020 summits.

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