Open days in Rosseti for the company's partners

Open days in Rosseti for the company's partners 15.04.2019

"Partner Days" for Russian and foreign manufacturers of electric power products started at the headquarters of Rosseti.

Within three days the company executive will be ready to answer questions form manufacturers. During the forum the Rosseti office will host an exhibition showing the samples of instruments and devices used in the power industry.

The event is held for the first time in such format and is some kind of an open day for the partners of the holding. “Partner days” are aimed at demonstration and testing of the equipment used in projects related to the digital transformation of the industry, and further strengthening and expanding contacts with suppliers.

Pavel Livinskiy, the Director General of Rosseti, decided to organize regular meetings with the partners regarding the results of the open meeting with the heads of leading enterprises and equipment manufacturers held within the Power Grids International Forum (MFES) in December 2018. 

Andrey Mayorov, the Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of Rosseti, took part in the exhibition while opening the “Partner days”. 

At a later meeting with manufacturers, Andrey Mayorov discussed digital transformation of the electric power industry, including the needs and technical requirements of the company for the latest information systems, software, communication devices and cybersecurity systems.

"Partner days" will last until April 17. More than 40 partner companies of MFES are taking part in it. 

The following companies are showing their latest developments and equipment: Rostec State Corporation, Electrotechnical Plants "Energomera", EKRA Research and Production Enterprise, Pielsi Tekhnolodzhi, Tavrida Elektriс, Gidromontazh UK, Gofrostal, ZETO, INСOTEX-SK, SIEMENS, UNECO, SCHNEIDER Electric, MIR Inc., PROSOFT SYSTEMS, Skolkovo Innovation Center, EMA, Group of Companies Elektroshchit - Samara TM, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Forenergo, Center 2M, Matrix, CAMLIN, POLYPLASTIC Group, Moskabelmet, Aviation Robots, Scientific and Production Association "Streemer", Cisco, Phoenix Contact RUS, Enertex, NPP "EIS", RTSoft, Electronmash, Ludinovokabel, NPF Mechanotronics RA, Energoalyans, SuperOx, etc.

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