Digital Networks for Pregolskaya TPP Put under Operating Voltage

Digital Networks for Pregolskaya TPP Put under Operating Voltage 06.03.2019

Pavel Livinsky, the head of the ROSSETI Group of Companies, took part in the launch ceremony for the Pregolskaya TPP, that was built to increase energy safety of the Kaliningrad region.

The specialists of Yantarenergo (part of the ROSSETI group) provided the power delivery scheme of the new thermal power plant. To do this, they have laid more than 75 kilometers of power lines, installed over 300 transmission lines poles, and also reconstructed three 330 kV substations:  two in Kaliningrad ("Severnaya" and "Central") and one in the east of the region ("Sovetsk").

“Today, power engineers, technicians and workers created, by joint efforts, additional guarantees of reliable and high-quality power supply to consumers in the most western region of Russia. We run the current from the modern thermal power plant through the newest power lines.  Thanks to the work we have done, the Kaliningrad region is strengthening its position as a reference energy system and opens up even more opportunities to proactively develop production facilities on its territory and create new jobs,” said Pavel Livinsky.

It is worth noting that digital technologies and advanced solutions were actively used in the construction and revamp of power facilities of the ROSSETI Group, which make the entire power grid efficient and fault-tolerant even under the influence of negative external factors.

The line that connects the Severnaya substation and the Pregolskaya TPP is partially laid over the Pregolya river, the place with intensive boat traffic.  To ensure the smooth passage of barks such as "Kruzenshtern" and "Sedov", Yantarenergo installed topical power transmission line supports on the banks of the river, which are the highest supports in Russia. These are anchor-shaped.  Achievement of power engineers was officially included in the Records of Russia book. 112-meter structures symbolize the sea gate to the Kaliningrad region.

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