At the Forum RIF-2019, the Issues of the Business Processes Digital Transformation of the ROSSETI Group were Discussed

At the Forum RIF-2019, the Issues of the Business Processes Digital Transformation of the ROSSETI Group were Discussed 15.02.2019

At the Russian Investment Forum 2019 in Sochi, experts discussed the ROSSETI’s plans to change business processes within the framework of the implementation of the Digital Transformation 2030 energy holding' concept. 

The panelists agreed that the transformation under discussion is aimed at changing the logic of processes and transition to risk-based management based on the introduction of digital technologies and big data analysis, which provide a reduction in OPEX and CAPEX.Ultimately, this will allow to bridle the growth of the network component in electricity tariffs for end users. 

Igor Norveyshis, Director of the ROSSETI’s Information Technology Department, noted that digital management of a group of companies based on a unified corporate environment will significantly reduce the cost of developing, implementing, developing and providing technical support for information systems. In addition, it will allow faster implementation of information systems and will ensure the collection of standardized data and their verification for subsequent analysis using big data technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Konstantin Mikhaylenko, Chief Advisor of ROSSETI, stressed in his speech that the management of a modern company is transformed into a business structure, where people are at the highest level, then machines below and then people again. “Already now, a human being is excluded from making simple decisions. "And the process is irreversible: mid-level management will die off, but in which direction, up or down, this depends on the competence and desire of the specialists themselves.”

At the same time, the speaker pointed out that the digitalization of many processes will allow employees to free up additional time to solve creative and applied tasks and this will increase productivity. It is in this direction that the ROSSETI group is now moving.

During the presentations of the Digital Transformation 2030 concept, the ROSSETI’s leaders have repeatedly pointed out that the implementation of the plans would allow creating not just a high-tech power grid. This will provide an opportunity to create a dataway on the basis of the energy holding infrastructure for the development of the Russian digital economy as a whole. “To date, FGC UES has laid out about 70 thousand kilometers of fiber-optic communication lines. For the entire ROSSETI group, the length of the VOLS-VL is about 150 thousand kilometers.This is comparable with the largest telecom operators,” said Dmitry Chibisov, IT Director of FGC UES, a member of the ROSSETI Group.

Summing up, all those present emphasized once again that digitalization is just a tool to improve the efficiency of business processes significantly, for the transformation of which the simple application of information technology is not enough - a comprehensive change of all corporate procedures is required. This is now the ROSSETI's goal, which the power holding is working hard to achieve.

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