"Rosseti" are Planning to Create Their Own Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) in Three Years

"Rosseti" are Planning to Create Their Own Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) in Three Years 07.12.2018

As a part of the digital transformation concept implementation, the CEO of "Rosseti", Pavel Livinskiy, held a working meeting with Russian and foreign manufacturers of control and data acquisition systems SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). 

14 companies participated in the open dialogue held as part of the final day of the “Power Grids” International Forum: General Electric, RTSoft, Siemens, ABB Power and Automated Systems, EMA, Decima, Monitor Electric, OREKHsoft, ProSoft Systems, GE Grid Solutions, FLISR, Mechanotronics RA, EnergyindustryAutomatization and UNITERA LABS.  

“For implementing a large-scale industry digital transformation project, we need the latest information systems, software, communication devices and cybersecurity systems. Our task is to create our own SCADA in three years, which would employ only domestic technologies. In both software and components. This will create the basis for the development of high-tech enterprises in Russia and increase their attractiveness in foreign markets,” said Pavel Livinskiy, emphasizing that the company will be as open as possible to all suppliers. 

“We do not limit competition, on the contrary, we welcome the activity of foreign players who develop production localization projects on the RF territory,” said CEO of "Rosseti", reminding that the company's purchasing policy is annually recognized as one of the most transparent in the industry.  

As Pavel Livinskiy noted during the meeting, the Deputy General Director - Chief Engineer of the holding Andrei Mayorov will coordinate the project.  

SCADA in real-time allows you to collect, process and display information about the monitored object and manage the power grid infrastructure. As a result, the grid itself will be able to choose the optimal modes, independently diagnose damage and make instant automatic switches, without disconnecting consumers.

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