Russia and China are Entering a New Level of Partnership in the Electric Power Industry

Russia and China are Entering a New Level of Partnership in the Electric Power Industry 29.11.2018

Pavel Livinskiy participated in the first Russian-Chinese energy business forum, which had a grand opening in Beijing today.

The head of ROSSETI spoke at the "Electric Power and Coal Industry" section, which was held with the participation of financial and IT organizations.

Presenting the company's plans on digitalizing power grid complex, Pavel Livinskiy noted that the project, designed until 2030, "will give a serious impetus to the development of related industries, will provide a higher life comfort level of the population, will raise consumer service to a qualitatively new standards".

“At the same time, we are sure to take into account the advanced international experience and want to use the best practices in our work. We are ready to expand international partnership and would like to invite our Chinese partners, such as the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and China Energy Engineering Corporation to the possible participation in construction and modernization projects of the power grid complex facilities in Russia, China and third countries, with the involvement of joint international funds," Pavel Livinskiy noted in his speech.

A number of strategic agreements were also signed on the margins of the PJSC ROSSETI forum. 

In particular, ROSSETI company and China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd. - one of the world's largest suppliers of integrated energy solutions - agreed to exchange technologies and long-term mutually beneficial partnership in the construction of power transmission and distribution facilities on a turnkey basis (the so-called EPC contracts, engineering, procurement and construction), with the possibility of Energy China providing funding, as well as the implementation of joint projects in third countries. To coordinate the work under the agreement Russian and Chinese companies will set up a joint working group in the near future.

ROSSETI also signed an agreement with the SGCC, which involves joint work on the digital grid technology implementation into the Russian power grid complex, as well as localizing the production of equipment necessary to create digital grid systems in the Russian Federation. 

One of the pilot projects, in particular, could be the creation of a digital distribution zone at OAO "IDGC of Urals". Pavel Livinskiy and Kou Wei, General Manager of the SGCC, discussed relevant proposals during the working meeting.

The decision to hold the Russian-Chinese energy business forum was made on the basis of the official visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to China in June 2018.

Forum program included discussion of issues related to the development of the oil, gas and coal industries, infrastructure, nuclear energy, renewable energy, digital technologies in the energy industry, and the search for investments for the implementation of promising projects.

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