PJSC ROSSETI is a Winner in 14 Nominations of the "MediaTEK-2018" Award

PJSC ROSSETI is a Winner in 14 Nominations of the "MediaTEK-2018" Award 03.10.2018

Companies belonging to the ROSSETI Group became winners and prize-takers in 14 nominations of the fourth All-Russian Contest of Mass Media, Press Services of Fuel and Energy Companies and Regional Energy Ministries "MediaTEK-2018."

In total, 27 applications for participation in the contest had been filed from the companies of PJSC ROSSETI, 14 of which won prizes.

The winners received awards from the Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov and the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak within the framework of the International Russian Energy Week Forum.

Dmitry Peskov stressed that any events in the electric power industry affect the people's living, thus it is very difficult to overestimate the importance of the power industry for our country. "We are grateful to all the participants in the contest for their work," he added.

Alexander Novak noted that energy is of crucial importance for the growth of the economy; therefore, popularization of energy projects, energy innovations and technologies, as well as discussion of industry problems, are of great importance for implementation of the most significant initiatives for the development of our country as a whole.

The first prize in the nomination "Modern Production and Development of the Fuel and Energy Complex" was awarded to the Chief Adviser of PJSC ROSSETI Larisa Romanovskaya; the prizes in the nominations "The Best Press Service of Regional Fuel and Energy Companies" and "Modern Production and Development of the Fuel and Energy Complex" were awarded to the Director of External Communications of MOESK PJSC Lyudmila Dusheina.

The grand prize in the nomination "The Best Press Service of Federal Fuel and Energy Companies" went to IDGC of the North-West; the first prize in the nomination "Safe Energy" was taken by IDGC of Siberia PJSC and Yakutskenergo PJSC.

IDGC of Center and Volga Region PJSC, IDGC of Center PJSC, FGC UES PJSC, Kubanenergo PJSC were also among the winners.

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