The power monitoring system makes integral part of the smart grid

The power monitoring system makes integral part of the smart grid 21.03.2018

Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government,   examined the innovation projects being implemented by Rosseti in the region , on the site of its subsidiary, Yantarenergo, on March 21, as part of his on-the-spot visit to Kaliningrad

Mr. Pavel Livinsky, Rosseti's General Manager, submitted the intermediate results of the Russian pilot project of building the smart grid based on digital technologies.

With creation of the main grid control center and small generation development in Kaliningrad, with the unified computerized information system of in-line process control for the entire enclave, the powermen are enabled to remotely control, observe and automatically review the current state of the power grids, from the highest-voltage substations to every consumer.

Such visibility of the grid was facilitated, in particular, by installation of smart meters, the key smart grid elements. Rosseti installed more than 89,000 smart meters in the Kaliningrad Region, enabling the monitoring of the electricity supply to 80% consumers in the region.

"With smart meters, we monitor the quality of supplied resources, rather than the volumes only, we are able to introduce limitations on consumption, and we improved the power supply reliability for consumers by times and reduced losses from 23% to 13% on the basis of two pilot districts of the power grid, Mamonovo and Bagrationovsk districts, in several months," Rosseti CEO noted.

The efforts taken in the westernmost federation constituent entity enabled Rosseti to boost traceability, manageability, and, consequently, functional efficiency of the power grids, which exceed many global equivalents by the main parameters.

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