Rosseti Present the Deliverales of the Digital Power Grid Project in the Kaliningrad Region

Rosseti Present the Deliverales of the Digital Power Grid Project in the Kaliningrad Region 02.03.2018

Mr. Pavel Livinsky, Rosseti's General Manager, presented the intermediate deliverables achieved by the power industry workers as concerns fulfillment of the assignment given by Russian President Vladimir Putin to digitalize and to implement Russia's pilot project of the digital grid construction to Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak during joint visit to the main Grid Control Center of the Kalinigrad Region.

The digital holding's CEO noted that all data received so far fully coincide with the preliminary economic calculations and support high efficiency of implementation of the advanced domestic developments that enable to establish "smart grids".

As part of the project implementation, the main Small-Generation Grid Control Center was established in the Kaliningrad Region, which is the centerpoint of the digital network with the single automated information system of prompt process control for the entire enclave, enabling the remote control, observation and automatic analysis of the current state of all elements of the power grid being served.

Digital RES based on the best innovative technologies and the digital network elements, including the distributed automation technology, which is able to automatically locate the affected site and to independently recover operations of the power grid, was commissioned.

The region is implementing the smart recording system that allows for remote collection of readings from meters, to automatically draft the balance sheets of released electricity, to control the electricity quality indicators, to warn about the intervention into the meters and switch on/off the electricity consumers - also remotely (without going to the site). The implementation rate of smart devices is 80% in the entire Kaliningrad Region, and by 2019, it will be brought to 100%, which will be an unprecedented event for the Russian Federation constituent entities.

Pavel Livinsky emphasized that the project to build the digital grid in the Kaliningrad Region is unique by its performance for Russia.

The efforts taken allowed for record increase in traceability, manageability, and, consequently, efficiency of the power grids, which exceed many global equivalents by the main parameters:

  • Reliability indicators (quantity (SAIDI) and duration (SAIFI) of process violations) in Digital RES have improved by 60%;
  • electricity losses dropped by almost 10%
  • Unit operating costs were reduced by approx. 20%, and the target for 2018 stands at 25%.

By 2021, Rosseti is going to create the reference power grid that will be capable of becoming the test ground for introduction the cutting-edge technologies surpassing the best global practices in the Kaliningrad Region.

Replication of the pilot project related to digital power grids in other federation constituent entities will enable to fully modify the grid architecture, by boost its traceability and manageability and, consequently, the efficiency, which would open up additional opportunities to develop industrial production and to greatly improve the living standards of households.

The implemented resolutions and the created technological platform based on the power grid facilities will underlie the establishment of the cluster of additional digital services and services for households and branches of the region's economy in 2018, including public services, the readings of the utility sector meters, information on weather conditions and the state of soil from the fields, the vehicle positioning and control over the livestock lifecycle, as well as other services of the IoT concept.

Alexander Novak highly appreciated the obtained deliverables and welcomed the commitment of Rosseti Group to implement the power industry digitalization projects in other regions of Russia.

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