Rosseti Hold Panel Discussion on New Personnel for New Network

Rosseti Hold Panel Discussion on New Personnel for New Network 15.02.2018

The panel discussion: New Personnel for New Network, took place within the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi on the Rosseti's Territory site. The discussion among experts from different energy companies, educational institutions and professional associations focused on training of specialists in new professions, the most critical aspect of the previously submitted draft strategy of the digital network establishment in Russia.

Dissemination of cutting-edge and innovative technologies necessitates everybody's constant, life-long training, according to Olga Sergeeva, Deputy CEO and Administration Head at Rosseti. Training the personnel capable to operate new equipment, handle new technologies implemented in the power grids is a critical objective for Rosseti now", she added.

The participants agreed that it is important in the constantly changing world, firstly, to be extremely flexible, especially as concerns training and further training of personnel, and, secondly, to engage young professionals from the early age, try to get schoolchildren, not only university and vocational college students, interested in the power industry employment. The specialized energy project sessions will be continued in the Sirius children's educational center for early career guidance of talented children in the near future. 

The Center will feature Rosseti's standing exposition including the scientific cluster, an interactive power industry museaum for all age and target groups and RES cluster. 

The mindset conversion, compilation of new competencies and the training infrastructure modification are useful for addressing the power grid digitalization objectives.

Olga Sergeeva noted that Rosseti are drafting the action plan of getting the idea of which steps can be taken immediately and which will require additional preparations. To this end, discussions with experts, subsidiaries and young professionals will continue, in particular, during the Global Youth Energy Forum hosted by Rosseti jointl with Skolkovo.

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