Company Rosseti and government of the Vladimir Region discussed top issues of electrical grid infrastructure development in the region

Company Rosseti and government of the Vladimir Region discussed top issues of electrical grid infrastructure development in the region 23.01.2018

Director General of the Company Rosseti Pavel Livinsky has continued visiting line-operated power facilities of subsidiaries to find out the most critical issues and solutions by visiting city of Vladimir.

During his visit, the leader of the holding met Governor of the Vladimir Region Svetlana Orlova who at the begining of the event thanked Company Rosseti for deep systematic approach to production operation that helped to get impressive results, and for building up trusting and professional relationship. Head of the Vladimir Region expressed a special gratitude for quality and accurate work of the Company's engineers at Bogolyubovsky lug.

Parties discussed several top priority issues that the Company has to solve in collaboration with the Region's government, including reconstruction and development of the grid infrastructure in order to ensure a secure power supply for consumers, signing a new long-term agreement, performance of the default supplier function by the power grid operator, as well as consolidation of the municipal grids by Company Rosseti.

"I highly appreciate the plans of Rosseti Group on developing the power grid complex of the Vladimir Region and I support the proposed initiatives that are meant to provide necessary conditions for industrial development, new job formation and increasing touristic potential of our region", underlined Svetlana Orlova.

The participants noted mutual commitment to the close collaboration. Among other things, the Parties focused on the draft of the new agreement between Company Rosseti and the Vladimir Region thanks to which a policy for long term tariff regulation and development projects will be defined, what will positively affect the additional investment promotion of the power grid complex and the region, as a whole.

Pavel Livinsky additionally drew attention of the head of the region to the fact that during the repair and implementation of investment projects Company Rosseti will use modern equipment and digital technologies.

"Creation of a new 'smart' power grid in the Vladimir Region and consolidation of the grid assets by Company Rosseti will certainly increase effectiveness of the power complex management and affordability of our services, and, therefore, will have a positive impact on the region's investment climate and will additionally improve quality of life of the citizens", stated the Company's leader.

Later on, Pavel Livinsky and Svetlana Orlova took part in a ceremonial lighting of the artistic illumination of the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, the temple famous in the whole world and listed as UNESCO World Heritage. The illumination project has been implemented by the local branch of Company Rosseti, Vladimirenergo, in just one year.

The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl was built in XII century. According to historians, the idea of its foundation belongs to the Great Price Andrey Bogolyubsky in order to commemorate his son who fell in the battle during which the Russian troops defeated Bulgars.

"Company Rosseti fully promote the cultural and touristic potential of regions and contribute to the preservation of the Wold Heritage. In the Vladimir Region, the Company has implemented a unique project thanks to which a creative illumination of the 850 years old construction was built. I'm sure that this step will contribute to additional tourist traffic and attention of experts to the Vladimir and Suzdal museum-reserve", said Pavel Livinsky.

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