Vladimir Putin gave a start-up for three substations, built for the World Cup 2018

Vladimir Putin gave a start-up for three substations, built for the World Cup 2018 14.11.2017

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, being in the situational and analytical center of the Company "Rosseti", has commanded for the launch of three power substations in the video conference mode, which has marked the finishing in preparation of the "Rosseti" group of companies for the World Cup 2018.

All power facilities — are the modern substations with elements of digital technology.

The "Rosseti" Company takes an active part in preparing the infrastructure for the World Cup 2018. The commissioning of "Stadium" substations in Samara, "Presnya" in Moscow and "Beregovaya" in Kaliningrad symbolizes the completion of the construction and reconstruction of the power facilities of power grid complex, involved in the provision of reliable and quality power supply of World Cup events.

"Stadium", "Presnya" and "Beregovaya" substations also open great opportunities for improving the quality of electricity supply of already existing and for joining new domestic and industrial consumers. "These power facilities form favorable conditions for everyday life and work of Samara, Moscow and Kaliningrad citizens, and, in no doubt, they make a significant contribution to the social and economic development of the regions", — said Pavel Livinsky, General Director of Rosseti.

For reference:

The 110 kV substation "Stadium" provides electricity for the stadium "Samara Arena" for 45 thousand spectators, which will host the 2018 World Cup. In addition, the power supply of the infrastructure facilities adjacent to the stadium will be supported by the substation. The commissioning of the facility will also execute the submitted applications for technological connection of consumers in the Samara Kirovsky district of and will open new opportunities for housing construction in the region.
The power capacity of the substation "Presnya" 220 kV is 80 MVA

One of the largest substations in Moscow, which is the baseline power center for the Olympic complex "Luzhniki" and Moscow City, the main purpose of its reconstruction is to significantly increase the
reliability to supply the electric power consumers in the city center, including the Moscow City Administration, creating opportunities for development, as well as providing a possibility for connecting new customers to the voltage class 20 kV system.
The power capacity of the substation is 952 MVA.

The "Beregovaya" 110 kV Substation
The first closed-type substation in the Kaliningrad region, a solemn ceremony to mark the finishing of construction was held in December 2016. Power Center is designed inside a building. Such technological solution excludes the atmospheric effect on the equipment, ensures environmental safety and lack of noise, and harmoniously fits the facility into in the urban environment. The rated capacity of the transformers was matched with a reserve for the future, taking into account the further microdistrict construction on the territory of 200 hectares around the stadium "Arena Baltica" on the island Octyabrskiy in Kaliningrad.
The substation power  capacity — is 50 MVA.

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