Vladimir Putin was familiarized with innovations in the electric power industry as part of his visit to the Rosseti Group Head Office

Vladimir Putin was familiarized with innovations in the electric power industry as part of his visit to the Rosseti Group Head Office 14.11.2017

Vladimir Putin has visited the Moscow Office of the Rosseti Company, controlling one of the largest electric grid complexes in the world.

The general director of the public joint-stock company "Rosseti" Pavel Livinskiy accompanied the President during the visit.

The General Director of "Rosseti" has presented the exposition of innovative home-grown technologies to Vladimir Putin, which are now being implemented in the power grid complex as part of its comprehensive modernization. Their introduction to the Rosseti power facilities provides reliability, maximum quality and availability of network infrastructure, and by the engineering factors, these technologies and equipment have bypassed the foreign analogues.

"The digital era has already come for the power grid complex. In the modernization of the power grid infrastructure, Rosseti is always trying the overall application of advanced technologies and solutions. We expect the ultimate switching to the "digital processing" (digits) by 2030. The company supports the "Digital Economy" program and acts as its integral part", — reported Pavel Livinsky.

The target model of intelligent future electric networks using digital processing and data transmission technologies was, in particular, demonstrated to the President. Smart networks have self-testing system and self-restoring systems, require minimal human intervention and allow more than double the reliability of power supply for a consumer. Their operation costs in mass introduction in comparison with conventional networks are below 30%.

The head of state got acquainted with the work of the digital substation — one of the key elements of the modern electric grid complex. In comparison with a traditional substation with a similar transformer capacity, the digital power station differs by completely computerized control, possibility of self-testing of equipment, remote control, and compactness. This is the most important during the reconstruction and development of the network infrastructure in metropolitan areas with restrained urban conditions.

Multifunctional modular controller ARIS 2808, presented in the exposition is one of the Russian innovative developments for digital substations. The device combines the protection features, metering and control systems of substation, it regulates the power quality and enables remote diagnostics and monitoring of all the parameters of the digital network. In the case of technological failures, this device allows to localize emergency areas and to provide self-recovery of the electrical network with minimal outages of operational personnel, which reduces the time of power supply interruptions and reduce operating costs.

The robotic complex "Kanatohodets" (ropewalker), designed by young Ural scientists, was also shown to Vladimir Putin. The innovative device provides monitoring, detection and determining the locations of possible failure of transmission lines remotely, without any involvement of the personnel. Application of the technology reduces the diagnostic time by more than 10 times.

The "smart" house of the future, which contains the control systems, including remote, tp control the efficiency of energy consumption, was also presented at the exhibition.

The system of "intelligent" accounting and consumption control, which is an integral element of the next-generation electric grid complex, allows managing the loads of all household appliances efficiently. Consequently, consumer increases own energy efficiency and reduces energy costs by up to 30%.

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