"Rossety", Skolkovo fund and Schneider Electric combine forces for development of technologies in the field of Smart electrical grids

"Rossety", Skolkovo fund and Schneider Electric combine forces for development of technologies in the field of Smart electrical grids 17.10.2017

The "Rossety" company and Schneider Electric as well as Skolkovo Fund have signed triangular agreement about strategic partnership in the field of localization, development and application of software and hardware complex of the system of operational-process management of electrical distribution system and new generation electric grids. Signing ceremony of agreement has taken place at "Open Innovation" Forum in Skolkovo.

The major task of the project- development of highly-integrated, intelligent, systemically important and electrical distribution system of new-generation as well as creation of conditions for development of distributed generation and for increase of electric transport usage in Russia.

Within combined actions, the parties are planning to introduce a considerable contribution to formation of the strategic program for intelligent grid in the Russian Federation, create coordinate solution complying with the Russian operation conditions and Russian Legislation. Plans call for performance of pilot tests of developed solution with future analysis of the potential for scaling within the framework of all integrated power grid of the Russian Federation. Technologies developing by "Skolkovo" residents and partners are advantages of a new platform for electricity grid control.

Victor Vekselberg, chairman of "Skolkovo" fund: "The project which "Skolkovo" fund will realize together with "Rossety" and Schneider Electric is of utmost importance for Russia. Creation of the modern, effective electrical power supply system is a counterpart of digital economy. Sustained effort is to occur in that process. If the test of "intelligent grid" in the framework of our pilot project will be a success, the new real contemplations will appear for implementation of this technology group all over Russia. And this is a huge market and a huge responsibility. I am sure that together we will succeed on this way.

Jean-Pascal Triguard, Chief Executive Officer of Schneider Electric: "The creation of an intelligent electric grid, taking into account the specifics of local conditions, is an important task for any country, and it is an honor for us, together with our long-standing Russian partners - "Rosseti" company and the "Skolkovo" Foundation - to participate in the development of this unique solution".

Pavel Livinsky, Director General of "Rosseti" Company: "The agreement signed today is a real practical step towards creating an "intellectual" network in Russia, because it is aimed at automating processes and implementing digital technologies. For us, the achieved solution is a godsend and together with our partners from "Skolkovo" and Schneider Electric we will continue to refine it to take into account the specifics of the "Rosseti" power grid complex, its infrastructure and construction".

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