Oleg Budargin Praised the Implementation of a Targeted Program for Privileged Electric Power Supply Connection of Consumers in Novgorod Region

Oleg Budargin Praised the Implementation of a Targeted Program for Privileged Electric Power Supply Connection of Consumers in Novgorod Region 21.08.2017

During the working visit to the Novgorod region, Oleg Budargin took part in connecting to the grids of the applicants under the targeted program of privileged technical connection that is implemented in the region by the IDGC of the North-West ( a subsidiary of PJSC “Rosseti”). The work on developing the power grid infrastructure is carried out under the cooperation agreement signed by the “Rosseti” Head and Novgorod Region Acting Governor Andrei Nikitin in April 2017.

Specialists of Novgorodenergo in the presence of the leadership of the region, PJSC “Rosseti” and IDGC of the North-West energized the power receivers of the Borodulins' premises in Sholokhovo Settlement. The family has seven children.

“We're among the first to start building a house here. When there were no roads. We do not even mention the power supply connection. For two years we've been receiving electricity by our own generator. It was very uncomfortable. As soon as we received the possibility to send a request for connection, our request had been satisfied within the shortest space of time. We're very grateful for this,” applicant Ekaterina Borodulina said.

“When Andrei Sergeyevich and I saw how the development of the power grid infrastructure and the development of territories and housing construction were synchronizing earlier, we revealed many problems. In particular, there were more than three thousand requests on grid connection. As of today, practically all these requests have been executed,” Oleg Budargin said.

“I'm grateful to Oleg Mikhailovich and his colleagues for work and constructive relationship,” said acting Governor of the Novgorod Region Andrei Nikitin. “Our task is to do our best to develop and connect business in the region. Joint planning is essential to connect investment platforms to good tariffs and to make new places convenient and comfortable for residents.”

Director General of IDGC of the North-West Alexander Letyagin noted that the individual work with clients allowed power engineers to use labor and material resources more effectively. "We comprehensively audited requests and first of all, we carried out the technical connection of territories with the big number of requests and clients that need power today. When an owner of a location has filed documents for technical connection, but he has not planned to build on it, or power units from his side are not ready we agree to put off the connection.”

In the last five years, power engineers have connected over 22,000 consumers in the Novgorod Region. However, since the beginning of 2012, the cost of technological connection has been reduced by one-third: from 484 Rub/kW to 326 Rub/kW. Since 2012 the investments in the region have made up 3.52 billion Rubles.

“Recently we've given to the governor a program on the development of power grids in the Novgorod region till 2025. A grid modernization program has been also developed. This is our view of the future," Oleg Budargin said. "Today we've discussed the development of e-transport. The agenda includes visits to two areas of power grids where digital energy is making progress. We're increasing the region's investment program at least by five times and next year the investments can amount to two billion."

The cooperation agreement aimed at developing the energy complex of Novgorod Region envisions the implementation of the Digital Power Distribution Zone project. The Novgorod Region will become the third region where the project for creating a smart infrastructure – Energynet – is implemented throughout. Under the project, the distribution network of 6/10 kW Valdai and Borovichi Power Distribution Zone of Novgorodenergo will be modernized by introducing active-adaptive networks based on intelligent devices, intelligent energy monitoring, and energy management systems. The project will increase the energy supply reliability and give the possibility to connect consumers of any reliability category. However, losses will be reduced in power transmission, and operational expenses will decrease by 20 percent.

During the visit, Oleg Budargin visited LLC “Novgorod Battery Company” that produces batteries and battery cells for communications systems, energy, railway transport and other sectors of the economy.

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