Oleg Budargin and “GAZ Group” President Vadim Sorokin Signed an Agreement on Cooperation

Oleg Budargin and “GAZ Group” President Vadim Sorokin Signed an Agreement on Cooperation 17.08.2017

On 17 August, PJSC "Rosseti" and "GAZ Group" signed an agreement on the cooperation in the field of the application of modern automotive equipment for the Russian power grid facility. The document was signed by the President of “GAZ Group” Vadim Sorokin and the Director General of PJSC “Rosseti” Oleg Budargin.

The subject of the agreement is the partnership of the parties in the field of application of modern automotive equipment for increasing the efficiency, reliability, and security of the country's power grid facilities. Also, the companies plan to cooperate on the creation of power supply infrastructure for electric transport in the regions of the Russian Federation.

Within the framework of the agreement, the companies intend to conduct cooperation on updating the fleet of automotive equipment for the country's power grid facility. PJSC Rosseti, the owner of one of the largest commercial fleets in Russia, is an old partner of “GAZ Group”. The Russian operator of power networks operates over 11,000 “GAZ” vehicles. To date, the need for new technology for the departments of the PJSC "Rosseti" amounts to several thousand cars.

"GAZ Group" produces a wide range of equipment for emergency repair and installation works at power grid facilities, and for conditions of heavy off-road: auto hydraulic lifts, cars with crane-manipulator plants, service workshops and other special equipment on the basis of light commercial vehicles "GAZelle NEXT", "GAZelle BUSINESS" and "Sable", medium-tonnage trucks "GAZON NEXT", heavy vehicles" Ural NEXT".

The cooperation of the companies also implies the expansion of the line of diesel-generator sets (DGU) based on the engines of the “GAZ Group” Yaroslavl Engine Plant, taking into account the long-term needs of PJSC “Rosseti”. DGU based on Yaroslavl Engine Plant engines are used as the main, standby or emergency power sources. Their scope of application is extensive: supply of private houses, cottage and shift camps, production and storage areas. DGUs are also used for power supply of diesel locomotives, quarry dump trucks, communication facilities, etc.

Also, the companies agreed to develop new models of highly environmentally friendly vehicles, including hybrid cars and electric vehicles, and plan to cooperate in creating an infrastructure for the operation of electric transport in the regions of the Russian Federation. Today “GAZ Group” is the leading manufacturer of motor vehicles on an electric drive: the company was the first in Russia to develop an electric bus and conducted the longest electric bus tests in the country on real Moscow routes, during which it passed 13,000 km and transported more than 25,000 passengers. Also, “GAZ Group” has created a unified electro platform for the entire model range of “GAZelle NEXT” vehicles, on the basis of which it is possible to manufacture onboard trucks, vans, and minibuses.

Oleg Budargin, Director General of PJSC "Rosseti":
- The agreement signed today is based on the traditions of our relations with the “GAZ Group” and promotes their further development. Our most important task is to provide constant energy supply to consumers, and the “GAZ Group” technology helps us a lot in this. We will expand the boundaries of our cooperation both on the basis of updating the existing fleet of special equipment and vehicles and developing backup power systems. Speaking about the transport of the future, I would like to note that “Rosseti” and the “GAZ Group” can unite today and provide the most effective conditions for the speedy development of the electric transport system in Russia.

Vadim Sorokin, President of “GAZ Group”:

- "GAZ Group" and "Rosseti" have long-term cooperation. Thousands of cars produced at our company's factories are operated in the country's power grid facility. Today, the “GAZ Group” is ready to provide the PJSC “Rosseti” with a new generation transport, which allows achieving the maximum efficiency in solving any problems. In addition, we are now moving to a new level of cooperation: “Rosseti”, one of the leaders in Russia in introducing innovative technologies, is becoming an infrastructure partner of “GAZ Group” in the development of the electric transport system in the regions of the Russian Federation. We plan to work out jointly the most optimal charging solutions, taking into account the specifics and transport needs of the regions of the country that are ready to introduce electric transport.

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