Oleg Budargin Launched the "Sportivnaya" Substation in Rostov-on-Don, Which Will Provide Power Supply for the 2018 World Cup

Oleg Budargin Launched the "Sportivnaya" Substation in Rostov-on-Don, Which Will Provide Power Supply for the 2018 World Cup 15.08.2017

A new "Sportivnaya" substation was commissioned in Rostov-on-Don, which will provide a reliable power supply for the facilities of the World Cup 2018 and consumers of adjacent districts of the city. Investments in the project exceeded 1 billion rubles.

The ceremonial launch took place on August 15, 2017. It was attended by the Director General of the "Rossetti" company Oleg Budargin and the Minister of Industry and Energy of the Rostov region Mikhail Tikhonov.

The commissioning of the "Sportivnaya" substation is the next stage of the modernization and development of the power system of the Rostov region and the creation of favorable conditions for the social and economic development of the region. Thanks to the new energy facility, the region gets ample opportunities for further infrastructural growth.

The construction of the "Sportivnaya" substation is a great contribution of the company "Rosseti" in the preparation for the World Cup 2018. The magnificent modern "Rostov Arena" stadium (capacity of 45 thousand spectators) will host on its field 4 games of the qualifying stage and the match of the 1/8 finals of the upcoming World Championship. Other infrastructure facilities that serve the Championship will also receive the energy from "Sportivnaya".

The regional authorities plan to make the left bank of Rostov-on-Don (the location of the new stadium) the epicenter of urban life by creating a socially-oriented cluster. Here the recreation areas, playgrounds, bicycle paths, park areas and tourist routes will be developed.

If we evaluate the long-term perspective, the "Sportivnaya" substation is another successful project of the PJSC "Rosseti", aimed at popularizing a healthy lifestyle, physical and aesthetic development of the younger generation. The youth of the city will enjoy modern sports and leisure facilities, life and energy in which will be inspired by the Sportivnaya substation.

"Exactly one year ago the first pile of the substation was driven in and after a year we put the energy object into operation. This substation determines the economic development of the region. “Rosseti” actively participates in the preparation of the football festival, which for the first time in history will take place in our country, creates and modernizes energy infrastructure facilities in all cities of the tournament. The “Rosseti” company is carrying out a comprehensive modernization of the power grid in Russia, using the latest developments and technologies. All efforts of power engineers today are aimed at creating a digital infrastructure that will improve the management of the energy system and the reliability of electricity supply to consumers. The launch of the "Sportivnaya" substation in Rostov is an important step along this path," Oleg Budargin said during the festive ceremony.

Mikhail Tikhonov, "In the coming years we forecast a growth in power consumption in this part of Rostov-on-Don, the need for new capacities will increase, which is connected with the creation of several clusters: sports, social, business, residential and cultural. This modern substation will allow us to provide already constructed facilities, such as a stadium and an auxiliary infrastructure, and new ones that will soon appear here."

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The environmental safety of the "Sportivnaya" substation is provided by the use of equipment in dry-running, as well as gas insulated switchgear. The external power supply of the substation is carried out via a 110 kV underground cable line with XLPE insulation.

Thanks to the automated control system, employees can monitor and control technological and operational parameters with their visualization, obtain information about the state of the substation's electrical circuits in real time, signal the output of process parameters beyond acceptable limits. Thus, the system provides information and general safety of the substation.

All the equipment used in the "Sportivnaya" substation is equipped with a full amount of locks and protections, including locks from erroneous actions, modern design solutions provide a high degree of safety for maintenance personnel.

Operative management of the substation can be carried out in several ways - traditional dispatching control, remote control of switching devices from the dispatcher's workplace, remote control from the control room of the production department.

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