Oleg Budargin: The Strategic Priority of the Development of the Power System of KhMAD Is the Availability of Energy Infrastructure for all Consumers even in the Most Remote Areas

Oleg Budargin: The Strategic Priority of the Development of the Power System of KhMAD Is the Availability of Energy Infrastructure for all Consumers even in the Most Remote Areas 03.08.2017

A working meeting between Oleg Budargin, Director General of PJSC “Rosseti”, Oleg Savchuk, General Director of Tyumenenergo, and Natalya Komarova, Governor of the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District – Yugra, was held in Surgut.

From 2000 to the present, energy consumption in KhMAD - Yugra increased by 2.2 times. The main volume of electricity was consumed by the oil complex; the additional generating capacities were introduced to meet the needs of the complex. In general, a gradual expansion of bottlenecks was organized to improve the reliability of energy supply in the district.

"A few years ago we had problems in reliability of the two zones, therefore, timely work was done to modernize the power grid facility, which was successful, judging by the results, also thanks to the active participation of “Rosseti," the Governor said. “I consider that it is necessary to use the accumulated positive experience for the development of the energy complex and the economy of the area as a whole in the next phase. The strategy for the development of the Autonomous District until 2030 stipulates the overcoming of possible energy barriers to economic growth through an optimal balance of efforts to build up energy potential and reduce the need for additional energy resources. Priority for the coming years is the re-equipment of the largest companies, the construction of generating capacities in the energy deficit areas, the transfer of the most of the settlements of the Autonomous District to the centralized energy supply."

Oleg Budargin, Director General of PJSC “Rosseti”, supported the proposal of the Governor of Yugra Natalia Komarova to centralize the energy system and bring it into balance in accordance with the requests of consumers.

"Any decentralization requires huge operating costs for maintaining independent power grids. We must fight for the consumer and do everything to connect the consumer, even in the most remote areas. We will conduct active joint work in this plan, using the most modern, innovative methods and technologies. In this direction, it will also be effective to develop small scale production in the area in order not to bring support or foundations here from the central part of Russia, but to facilitate the use of the capacities of the region's industry in this direction," Oleg Budargin suggested.

According to Natalia Komarova, in the next few years, large-scale investments in the energy complex of the region are expected. Until 2022, investors announced the construction and reconstruction of 698 km of power transmission lines and almost 1400 MVA of transformer capacity. PJSC "Rosseti" represented by JSC "Tyumenenergo" is one of the driving forces of this work.

As follows from the report of Sergei Savchuk, the Tyumenenergo company sent about 9 billion rubles for the implementation of the investment program in 2016 - the construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment of facilities and other capital expenditures, including more than 3 billion to KhMAD. In general, the investment activity of Tyumenenergo is aimed at improving the reliability of electricity supply, eliminating the power shortage and creating the conditions for the connection to the networks of new consumers in the area of their responsibility. For this, 337 MVA of transformer capacity was installed last year in the area of the company responsibility, and this includes the Tyumen Region, the Khanty-Mansijsk, and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, and 620 km of power transmission lines of various voltage classes were built.

In 2017, the volume of investments in the power grid facility of the company will amount to almost 13 billion rubles, including 5.6 billion rubles in Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District. It is expected that, while maintaining the existing economic conditions in the coming years, Tyumenenergo will invest about 78 billion rubles in the development of the electrical grid infrastructure, 43 billion of which is in Yugra. By 2022, it is planned to introduce more than 2000 MVA of transformer capacity and over 2500 km of power transmission lines, including 1107 MVA and 511 km of transmission lines in KhMAD.

"The company's investment projects are extremely important for the social and economic development of the region. We have a common main goal in the field of energy: the energy system must remain self-sufficient, be free from "the growing pain", and excessive wear and tear on existing equipment, guarantee the availability of infrastructure for new consumers and thus improve the quality of the investment climate," Natalia Komarova summarized.

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A set of measures was implemented to ensure the prospective loads of the company's largest consumer, LLC RN-Yuganskneftegaz in the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District. So, the Chupalskaya and Sorovskaya substations were put into operation; more than 260 km of power transmission lines were built: 110 kV overhang of the high voltage line to the 500 kV Svyatogor substation of the branch of PJSC FGC UES - MES Western Siberia, 110 kV Svyatogor-Chupalskaya high voltage line and a tap-off from it to "Sorovskaya" substation. In addition, a tap-off was constructed from the 110 kV Pravdinskaya-Mercurij high voltage line for the transfer of power of the 110 kV Mushkino substation, which allowed to unload the Magistralnaya-Pravdinskaya transit line. To improve the reliability of electricity supply NGDU "Bystrinskneft" (the structure of JSC "Surgutneftegas"), a complex reconstruction of 110/35/6 kV Substation "Salkino" was carried out, and to provide oil production facilities in the area of responsibility of the Nizhnevartovsk branch of "Tyumenenergo" - 110/35/6 kV "Ermakovskaya" substation, while the transformer capacity of the facility was increased to 80 MVA.

The completion of activities necessary to ensure the transit of electricity through the networks of Tyumenenergo from Nyagan SDPP to the unified energy system of Russia was significant, namely the reconstruction of 110 kV Kartopya-Vandmtor, Krasnoleninskaya-Vandmtor Nadym-Long-Yugan-Sorum; "Nadym-Levokhetty", "Levokhetty - Long Yugan" high voltage lines.

To ensure sustainable socio-economic growth of the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District - Yugra and increase the availability of energy infrastructure under the Comprehensive Electricity Development Program in 2017, 110 kV Mortimya substations (Kondinsky district) are being reconstructed for increasing the transformer capacity, Kachalka, "Severo-Pokurskaya" and "Martovskaya" (Nizhnevartovsk region), "Inga" (Kogalym), design works are being carried out for the construction of 110 kV "Pobeda-Saimaa" cable line, commissioning works were performed on the object "Overhang of 110 kV high voltage line to the "Vector" substation.

In the framework of the state program "Provision of affordable and comfortable housing and communal services for citizens of the Russian Federation," Tyumenenergo provides the opportunity for the technical connection of the under construction urban district Gidronamyv in the settlement Bely Yar of the Surgut district with the construction of a 10 kV distribution point and supplying cable lines from 110 kV "Zapadnaya" substation in 2017.

One of the most ambitious projects in the coming years will be covering the growing loads of LLC RN-Yuganskneftegaz in the amount of about 274 MW. Within the framework of technological connection agreements, a new 220 kV substation with a 220 kV high voltage line and 10 substations with capacity 110 kV is planned to be built in the area of Nefteyugansk Electric Networks Branches responsibility by 2020.

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