The delegation of the “United Russia” led by Oleg Budargin has visited Mongolia with a working visit

The delegation of the “United Russia” led by Oleg Budargin has visited Mongolia with a working visit 19.06.2017

The delegation of the “United Russia” Political party under the leadership of the PartyHigh Council member, the Director General of the “Rosseti” Company Oleg Budargin has visited the capital of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar with a working visit.

The trip became a return visit to the visit of the management of the Mongolian People's Party to Moscow in December, 2016, during which the signing of the agreement between two parties has taken place.

A number of meetings took place in Ulaanbaatar,at which the key questions on interaction in the field of interparty cooperation have been discussed.

In particular, at the request of the Chairman of the “United Russia” party Dmitry Medvedev, a meetingof Oleg Budargin with the chairman of the State Great Khuralof Mongolia MiyeegombynEnkhboldomwas organized.

A number of key questions directed to strengthening of public, social and economic relations between two countries has been discussed during negotiations.

As the participants have noted, an integrated approach on interaction of Russia and Mongolia will promote full disclosure of capacity of the states, satisfaction of needs of citizens and, as a result, the increase in growth of their welfare.

The parties have paid attention to development of the relations regarding exchange of information about urgent aspects of party work, bilateral and international relations, mutual support on the international scene.

Special attention has been paid to cooperation of Russia and Mongolia in the sphere of power industry. The close historical link of two power supply systems has been noted and the prospects of continuation of their synchronous development are designated.

Both parties are interested in continuous improvement of quality of life of citizens and in creation of the most comfortable conditions for social and economic development of both states with minimum possible costs and risks, and also with a care for environmental heritage.

Summing up the meeting results, the High Council member of the All-Russian party “United Russia”, the Director General of the “Rosseti” Oleg Budargin and the chairman of the State Great Khuralof Mongolia MiyeegombynEnkhboldom have expressed deep satisfaction with results of the exchange of opinions and have declared their high importance for mutually beneficial cooperation which main goal is a comprehensive improvement of quality of life in both states.

At the moment, considering the increasing needs of the Mongolian economy for additional power, several options of their satisfaction are discussed.

The “Rosseti” Company, for example, discusses with colleagues the construction of a cross-border 500 kV power line which can resolve at once several sensitive issues with power supply to Russian and Mongolian consumers who are deprived of access to the qualitative electric power today.

Within active dialogue between the governments and power engineering specialists of two countries, the power line route offered by “Rosseti”is considered,which can pass from Khakassiathrough Tyva to Mongolia  and will allow to unite the isolated country energy areas in an integrated power grid, and then will return to Russia through Buryatia to ZabaykalskyKrai.

For this reason negotiators have emphasized that the construction of the power line is an extremely perspective initiative, since its realization will reduce considerably the required investments for development of power supply systems of Russian and many Mongolian regions, and also eliminate the environmental risks connected with possible construction of hydrogeneration facilities on Selenga River and its inflows.

On predesigns of profile experts, the construction cost for one additional megawatt of hydrogeneration in Mongolia is about 2-3 times higher, than the construction cost of network structure for transfer of 1 megawatt through the discussed transit.

The creation of new electric network infrastructure is the perspective project, and the offered line can become a part of the Big Asian power ring in the future; on the one hand, it will increase the reliability of power supply for consumers even more, and on the other hand, it will bring the additional income to all participants.

Oleg Budargin has noted that according to forecasts of experts, by 2025 electricity consumption in the world will grow by 30%, and 75% of this growth will fall on the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.

For this reason the efforts on creation of the Big Asian power ring undertaken by Russia, Japan, South Korea and China seem as especially perspective. And the Russian side expects that Mongolia can soonjoin the four member-countries of the project.

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