Federal Test Center and the international test center KEMA discussed possible areas of cooperation

Federal Test Center and the international test center KEMA discussed possible areas of cooperation 22.06.2017

The representatives of Federal Test Center (FTC) held a meeting with a delegation of the international test center KEMA (the Netherlands, part of the DNV-GL Energy group of companies) in St. Petersburg

The working meeting was attended by Alexander Duzhinov, Director General of FTC, Viktor Seleznev, Head of R&D Department of Rosseti, Executive Vice-President of KEMA, Regional Head of DNV GL Jacob Fonteijne and Business Development Manager of KEMA Laboratories in Russia Konstantin Yunoshev.

Alexander Duzhinov presented the Federal Test Center of electrical equipment construction project, the planned stages of its implementation and also reported on the main strategic directions of FTC activities.

Representatives of KEMA shared their experience of organizing and conducting tests of electric power equipment in KEMA laboratories in Arnhem (the Netherlands), Chalfont (USA) and Prague (Czech Republic).

"Almost all transmission and distribution devices - from medium voltage to ultra-high 1200 kV - are testing in KEMA laboratories. In 2015, DNV-GL Holding invested 70 million EUR in the modernization and expansion of the KEMA test base. A high-power laboratory is unique in its technical parameters and equipped with six shock generators for testing transformers rated up to 630 MVA and voltage up to 800 kV. The laboratory is also equipped with a three-circuit synthetic circuit that allows testing of switching equipment up to 1200 kV and currents up to 100 kA.

The testing laboratory for DC and AC cable systems implements standard and pre-qualification (resource) tests with a rated voltage of up to 550 kV", - noted by Jakob Fontaine.

Based on the experience of creating and developing an international network of KEMA test centers, as well as taking into account global trends in the electrical industry, Jakob Fontaine and Konstantin Yunoshev provided recommendations for the optimal development of the test facilities of the Federal Test Center and the testing system of the Russian Federation as a whole.

The parties identified promising areas for cooperation, including providing joint tests in KEMA laboratories, organization of inspection tests in Russian testing centers and also training of technical specialists of FTC for the work on testing electrical equipment.

Additional information

KEMA exists since 1927 as a testing laboratory of electrical equipment. Today KEMA is the largest independent company providing services in the field of testing, certification (inspection), as well as consulting on renewable energy sources, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing energy efficiency of production, transmission and distribution of energy.

In 2012, DNV GL - Energy (Norway) and KEMA joined forces to create a world leading company in consulting, testing and certification for the global energy industry. Currently, KEMA (DNV GL - Energy) has more than 2.500 employees, including leading experts in various areas of energy.

The Test Certificate of KEMA is the guarantor of an independent and objective technical assessment of the performance characteristics of transmission and distribution equipment.


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