Young power engineering specialists from five countries were presented with innovative projects and solutions of "Rosseti" in Kaliningrad region

Young power engineering specialists from five countries were presented with innovative projects and solutions of "Rosseti" in Kaliningrad region 30.05.2017

Participants of the International Youth Energy Forum organized annually under the auspices of the company "Rosseti" got acquainted with “Yantarenergo” projects (a subsidiary of "Rosseti") significant to the energy system of Kaliningrad region: substation of 110 kV voltage class "Beregovaya", and the work of the regional electric network in which the advanced technology of the SmartGrid is implemented.

The program of the visit of young engineers, among whom were experts from Russia, Belarus, Germany, China and France, began with a visit to the "Beregovaya" substation, which is "the energy for the FIFA World Cup – 2018". This is the only closed-type substation in the region, constructed in the framework of preparation for the FIFA World Cup, and the first energy facility constructed in the form of the building in Kaliningrad region.

All equipment of the substation is of domestic production. It was a pleasant surprise, first and foremost, for engineers from Germany. They noted that technology applied at the "Beregovaya" substation conforms to European standards, thanks to which the substation will operate in automatic mode.

“The latest high-quality equipment is installed here. The substation will provide energy for the stadium and infrastructure, which will appear here in the future,"- says a participant Kasse, R & D Advisor of EDF company, the largest electric company of France. "Within the program, we have visited Moscow, China, where we also got acquainted with the new equipment. They all have different approaches and solutions – this is why such events are so interesting."

The object of guest special attention was the "Digital Power Distribution Zone – Yantarenergo", a three-stage pilot project with the innovative solutions being implemented nowadays in Kaliningrad region.

The cluster SmartGrid was established in Mamonovsky and Bagrationovsk dastricts. Due to technology the control engineer sees everything that happens in networks and remotely affects the elimination of technological disturbances in case they occur.

The implementation of smart technologies enables to make the energy supply not only of high quality and reliable, but also affordable for the consumer. In the future, when all the stages of implementation are completed, it will also simplify the procedure of connection of new consumers to the networks and reduce the time and cost of the procedure.

"We presented to colleagues all that "Rosseti" and "Yantarenergo" were proud of. We were honored to invite the engineers of a new generation, engineers of the future, who cannot be surprised with the equipment our predecessors worked with. They are interested in the technologies of tomorrow. There is confidence that each of them will find something special for himself during the visit to Kaliningrad. And the principles which are applied in our work will be useful for energy systems of other countries," – as noticed in the network company.


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