"Rosseti": "Energynet is the best available platform for development of Smart power systems as well as for satisfying the demands of modern consumer"


The company Rosseti had taken a part in the strategic session "Energynet", where it presented its vision of the successful implementation of the initiative.

During the working groups meetings on the various aspects of Energynet the company's proposals on the number of challenges that the country's energy sector currently faces were also considered.

Rosseti further noted that most of the ideas are based not merely on theoretical speculations, but rather on practical experience gained in running projects building the "smart" networks in certain regions of the country, which are an integral part of the future energy systems.

Director General of Rosseti, Oleg Budargin, speaking on the plenary meeting, summarizing the three-day work of specialists, stressed the fact that the industry paradigm has changed a lot - that the modern power generation is no longer oriented towards the whole industry, but to small and medium-sized business as well as to active household consumers seeking to control energy costs and to manage their own consumption independently.

"Electricity is not a luxury any more - it determines the quality of life, and the main role now is played by the consumer," he added.

So far, according to Oleg Budargin, the modern consumer has developed a completely different set of requirements to this industry, including the affordability of electricity (as well as its financial component).  All of these could only be achieved via the joint efforts of authorities, energy companies, equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, the scientific and educational centers.

The head of Rosseti also stressed that it is essential to address the following key challenges today:

  • To develop a common long-term regulations for all participants;

  • To review the approach towards the economy of this sector;

  • To ensure the equal opportunities, and above all to prepare a new generation of highly professional staff with not only the basic knowledge of technologies, but also with a full understanding of the current and the future consumer’s requirements.

Oleg Budargin also mentioned that "an integrated approach, with open dialogue and a professional exchange of views within the framework of Energynet, suggests that the existing obstacles to the innovative development of the industry will be overcome, and Russia will remain to be a global leader in the electric power sector".


For reference:

The company Rosseti has joined the Energynet initiative at the stage of its formation. Currently, a number of projects are already being implemented by the its’ Subsidiaries:

  • The creation of a digital cluster in the Kaliningrad region;

  • The development of an active-adaptive energy cluster based on the St. Petersburg electrical power networks.

  • The construction of digital substations in Krasnoyarsk and Tyumen.

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