The "Rosseti" subsidiary company plans to invest almost 80 billion rubles into the development of the electric grid sector of the Ural Federal district

The "Rosseti" subsidiary company plans to invest almost 80 billion rubles into the development of the electric grid sector of the Ural Federal district 05.05.2017

The company "Tyumenenergo" (subsidiary of PJSC "Rosseti") allocated about 9 billion rubles to the implementation of the investment program in 2016: the construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipping and other expenses of a capital nature. In 2017 the volume of investments in the electric grid sector of the company in the Tyumen region, the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug will total of nearly 13 billion rubles.

In the structure of investments the new construction takes 32% of costs, while the technical upgrading and reconstruction takes the remaining 68%. The share of such cost increases constantly in the past few years (for comparison, in 2014, 46%). The company carries out a new construction when it is impossible to use and to upgrade the existing resources, or on the decentralized territories, which are attached to the grid.

In general, the investment activity of Tyumenenergo is aimed to improve the reliability of power supply, eliminating power shortage and to create the conditions for connection of the new consumers to networks in its area of responsibility. To do that, in the last year the divisions of the company introduced 337 MVAs of transformer capacity and built 620 km of different voltage classes transmission lines.

In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug in the responsibility of "Northern Electric Grids" department the priority power facilities were put into operation to centralize the power supply of a significant part of this region: the "Northern Electric Grids" and "Polar Explorer" 110 kV substations with the power supply line of 110 kV in the city of Salekhard: in total they have 160 MVAs and 29 km of transmission lines. In November the branch of "Tyumenenergo" the substation 110/10/10 kV "Signal" was put into operation after a complete reconstruction, which is a key object in the energy supply of the city of Gubkinsky.

In the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug a complex of measures was implemented to ensure the long-term loads of the largest consumers of the company "RN-Yuganskneftegaz". So, the substations "Chupalskaya" and "Sorovskaya" were put into operation, and more than 260 km of transmission lines were built: high voltage lines 110 kV with overhang to the substation of 500 kV "Svyatogor" of JSC FGC UES – MES of Western Siberia branch, 110 kV "Svyatogor-Chupalskaya" and a tap-off line from the last one to "Sorovskaya" substation. Besides that, the tap-off line from 110 kV "Pravdinskaya – Mercury" was constructed for the transfer of power substation of 110 kV Mushkino, allowing to unload a transit line "Magistralnaya – Pravdinskaya".

To improve the reliability of power supply of NGDU "Bystrinskneft" (the structure of JSC "Surgutneftegas") a comprehensive reconstruction of the substation 110/35/6 kV "Salkhino" was performed, and to ensure that the oil producing objects in the Nizhnevartovsk branch of the company’s area of responsibility the substation 110/35/6 kV "Yermakovskaya" was reconstructed. The transformer capacity of the last facility has been increased up to 80 MVA.

The completion of the activities necessary for ensuring transit of electric power through networks of "Tyumenenergo" from Nyaganskaya GRES to unified energy system of Russia, namely the reconstruction of 110 kV "Cartopia – Vandmtor", "Krasnoleninskaya – Vandmtor" "Nadym – Long-Yugan – Sorum", "Nadym –Levokhettinskaya", "Levokhettinskaya – Long-Yugan", appeared to become a significant landmark.

In the Tyumen region the investments were directed mainly into the construction and reconstruction of distribution networks 0.4-10 kV of the preferential category consumers. As a result about 160 km of transmission lines and more than 20 MVA of transformer capacity necessary for the development of the suburbs of the regional capital, agricultural enterprises and processing industry were put into operation. For the same purpose, the increasing of transformer capacity reconstruction of the substation 110/10 kV "Molchanovo" and "Gorkovka" was carried out.

In 2017 it is planned to introduce about 500 km of new transmission lines and 222 MVA of transformer capacity in the area of Tyumenenergo’s responsibility. About 45% of the investments volume – more than 5.8 billion rubles - will be allocated for projects to improve the reliability of supply and quality of services; more than a quarter – 3,5 billion rubles - on the project of grid connection, including the preferential category of consumers. In addition, the funds will be directed to develop the accounting systems, the automated control systems, and the implementation of Schemes and programs of electricity industry development in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, Tyumen region.

It is expected that if the current economic conditions will stay the same in the next five years, "Tyumenenergo" will invest more than 78 billion rubles into the development of the grid infrastructure – these are the parameters of the investment activity approved by the company’s Board of Directors. Thus, by 2022 it is planned to introduce more than 2,000 MVA of transformer capacity and more than 2,500 km of transmission lines in the Tyumen region that will cover both existing and future needs of industry in the regions, and perform public tasks in the field of development of the Arctic territories.

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