PJSC “Rosseti” ranked among Russia's ten environmental companies

PJSC “Rosseti” ranked among Russia's ten environmental companies 09.03.2017

Wildlife TV channel and Modern Media Research Institute (MOMRI) presented 2016 H2 rating of environmental activities among Russian companies engaged in fuel-energy and metallurgical sector. PJSC “Rosseti” was included in Russia's top ten environmental companies. The company got 4th place under the environmental rating.

The rating estimates the contribution made by each corporation to creating an image of environmentally and socially responsible domestic business. The quality of mass media coverage of environmental activities and promotion are the key rating considerations.

The following PJSC “Rosseti” successful activities were emphasized:

  • all-Russian development program of charging infrastructure: infrastructure for e-transport and information campaign opting for e-transport;

  • support for 80EDAYS 2016 automobile rally;

  • construction of an automated hybrid power generation system in Trans-Baikal Territory within expanding the use of alternative energy sources.

Gazprom, Rosneft, Rushydro, Rusal and other companies are also mentioned in the top list.

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