Rosseti approves power grid environmental policy

Rosseti approves power grid environmental policy 03.03.2017

On March 1 the PJSC “Rosseti” Board of Directors chaired by Alexander Novak, Russian Energy Minister, approved the environmental policy of the power grid based on the principle of dynamical development in sustainable use of natural resources and environment preservation.

The document determines state energy policy goal which is to ensure environmental security, i.e. to consistently limit fuel and energy complex impact on the environment by reducing pollutant emissions and waste generation.

In terms of environmental security Policy will help reduce the outmoded equipment used at power grid facilities and the use of dangerous substances. The policy will also help reduce forest clearing with threading way through the forest and forest corridors by passing OHPL in forest areas, as well as the negative impact on environment by constructing power grid facilities.

Policy is aimed at achieving the strategic goals and performance results of PJSC “Rosseti”, including:

  • decommissioning of 100% equipment containing polychlorinated biphenyl (by 2025);
  • increasing the volume of motor transport using environmentally clean fuel up to 3% per year of the total motor transport and increasing such transport to form at least 10% of total fleet by 2025 given economic feasibility;
  • developing the system of company environmental management and receiving ISO 14001 Accreditation Certificate (by 2020);
  • reducing the level of power losses by transmitting it up to 9.14% (by 2019);
  • ensuring secondary use of dielectric oil (regeneration) by 10% or more (of purchased oil per year);
  • developing self-supporting insulated wires no less than 15.000 km annually across all Group member companies;
  • installing at least 15.000 devices for bird protection annually across all Group member companies;
  • reducing power resources consumption for economic needs of administrative and operative buildings up to 3% by 2020.

The environmental protection and security competence of staff engaged at power grid facilities is one of the Policy’s key tasks. In addition, Policy is aimed at international expansion of using environmentally clean and energy efficient technology and equipment. The environmental policy shall cover all power grid systems of PJSC “Rosseti” and is recommended for any local branch operators.

It is worth mentioning that Rosseti is taking comprehensive measures to protect the environment in regions. Uniform Technology Policy, Program of Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Development and Program of Innovation Development are effective in the company. These programs provide the solutions for environmental challenges in power grid systems and ensure consistent reduces in environmental impact.

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