Rosseti: Ecology is a power behind global energy transformation towards integration and unification

Rosseti: Ecology is a power behind global energy transformation towards integration and unification 20.02.2017

Oleg Budargin, General Director of Rosseti, the largest power grid in Europe, spoke at the 2nd session of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization to focus on building the new electric power industry development pattern. He also emphasized the fuel and energy sector's impact on the environment.

“The ongoing reduce in hydro carbon reserves and the gas emission problem make experts face the task of shaping future energy sector in such way that allows for considerable contribution in resolving global environmental issues. I'm convinced that energy systems international integration can have a rather remarkable positive impact,” Budargin said.

In his opinion a modern energy bridge is an excellent alternative to additional energy capacity. Due to irregular energy consumption on 24 hours’ and a season’s basis, the trans-border integration will provide a better electric power performance.

First of all, this is related to clean energy production. Due to inability of energy in equal volumes the idea is to transmit it from the areas with excessed energy to the areas where energy is insufficient. By 2030 the growth of installed renewable energy capacity is forecasted to be 10 GW in Russia, 40-50 GW in Japan, 25 GW in South Korea and up to 250 GW in China. Transnational flows in such volumes can have a considerable impact on the global environmental situation.

At the same time Budargin noted that it was necessary to synchronize rules, standards and regulations of all concerned parties in order to shape a common energy market. Common trade rules are to be established.

“In order to resolve this issue I propose to consider setting up Global Power Market Committee,” he said.

Budargin also reminded his colleagues of a linkage between electric energy industry and basic science. He put forth an initiative to establish a Committee for Science within GEIDCO in order to coordinate energy systems with technological development.

Such move will provide experts with an opportunity to exchange technology and best practices by uniting the competencies of national laboratories, universities, consumers, suppliers, start-up and infrastructure companies.

GEIDCO members that attended the meeting expressed solidarity with the Head of Rosseti in his strive to make energy cleaner and greener. They supported his statements on a call for common standards in energy system development towards global integration.

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