Head of "Rosseti" Oleg Budargin inspected construction of strategically important plant in Republic of Tyva

Head of "Rosseti" Oleg Budargin inspected construction of strategically important plant in Republic of Tyva 16.02.2017

Today, on February 16, 2017, Oleg Budargin, General Director of PJSC Rosseti paid a working visit to Republic of Tyva. The head of the country’s  largest power supply company checked the construction progress on 110 kV Vavilinskaya substation which is the extremely important infrastructural facility for technological connection between complex of buildings of the military commissariat under construction and military camp for an Independent Motor Rifle Brigade and a Railway Operating Battalion.

The construction of Vavilinskaya Substation with double-circuit 110 kV overhead line under the contract on military commissariat connection to military camp complex has been underway since August 2016. Total substation capacity is expected to be 32 MVA. The amount of investments is estimated at 536 million rubles. Power transformers are already installed at the facility, the general substation control point combined with the indoor switchgear (ISG) and portals are also installed. 56 power line towers are erected, 3 supports are ready to be installed and 7 more are currently being assembled. This new energy facility will provide further technological development and interconnection of the entire right bank of Republic’s capital with a population of approximately 10 thousand people. A discussion related to the activities aimed at development of the regional electricity network complex continued during the working meeting between Oleg Budargin and Sholban Kara-ool, the head of the Republic, followed by the agreement on further cooperation.

The agreement is aimed at the grid infrastructure modernization, effective socio-economic development in the region and improvement in Consumer Payment Behavior. In particular, the parties agreed on mutual implementation of some construction activities, including reconstruction and technical re-equipment of power facilities in order to eliminate power shortage, improve energy supply security, create an integration possibilities for new consumers, as well as energy conservation and efficiency program.

"It is crucially important to have the same view on new power facilities construction, electricity losses reduction and economically reasonable tariff for power transmission, the view which is shared by the Government of Republic of Tyva”, - said Oleg Budargin, with a special mention to the assistance provided by the Government in addressing one of the major challenges in the energy sector in the region related to the consumers’ failure to pay for services.

During his visit Oleg Budargin also held a planning brief with JSC "TyvaEnergo" Management. 

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