The best project at the International Youth Energy Forum was a project integrating the energy systems of Europe, Russia and Asia

The best project at the International Youth Energy Forum was a project integrating the energy systems of Europe, Russia and Asia 17.06.2016

Up-and-coming energy specialists from Russia, Belarus, China, Germany and France presented their projects on pressing problems of the electric-power industry that they’ve been working on collectively for the past several months. The critical review of the projects took place in one of the halls of the Peterhof Grand Palace. The judges’ panel was comprised of the General Director of Rosseti PJSC – Oleg Budargin, the Rector of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo – Andrey Sharonov, and leading Russian and foreign experts in the electric-power field.

The theme of MMF (IYEF) 2016 was integrated development. The international teams submitted two promising projects for the panel’s consideration: “Efficient Unification of the Energy Systems of Europe, Russia and Asia” and “Universal Solution for Accessing Electric Power.”

Over the course of working on the first project, the young specialists came up with a solution for the imbalance between power generation and consumption – a problem that is currently being experienced in a number of countries. The team developed a design for the installation of inter-system links, initially within the scope of a single time zone and moving forward – in a number of zones, which would make it possible to create a global energy system and thereby realize the potential for deriving profit through system optimization and balancing, coupled with international energy trading. Proposed for implementation was a pilot project between the energy systems of Russia and China in 2018-2020. The arrangement for unifying the energy systems of Europe-Russia-China was proposed for implementation in 2020-2022.

The team behind the “Universal Solution for Accessing Electric Power” project discovered that as of today, 3.3 mln Chinese consumers are experiencing a power shortfall of roughly 2.84 GW due to problems with grid transmission capacity. In Russia, 30% of the country’s territory is supplied by atomic power systems. Approximately 1,000 infrastructure facilities in France are not connected to a centralized grid. The team proposed a smart power-supply system based on distributed generation – solar panels and storage batteries. Team members suggested implementing the pilot project in the Village of Orlik, Republic of Buryatia.

By the panel’s decision, the team proposing the arrangement for energy-system integration was declared the winner.

Rosseti General Director Oleg Budargin thanked all forum participants for their promising, timely ideas and interesting solutions.

“Every year, you amaze us with your fascinating discoveries,” said the Rosseti General Director in summing up the event’s results. “Today, we can confidently say that the projects you propose year after year are drawing ever closer to reaching the breakeven point. Even if some of your ideas haven’t been fully formulated yet, they can all be qualified as promising breakthroughs, supporting projects that are forward-thinking in terms of their ingenuity, scale and ambitiousness.”

He also noted that the future of the energy industry lies with integration. “A kilowatt-hour is a real product that has an undeniably-direct impact on the global economy.” Today, there’s a gold market and an oil market, but as yet – no energy market. That’s where the future lies. And that means – you’re leading the future,” stressed Oleg Budargin.

Andrey Sharonov invited the winners to take part in the semifinals of the Startup Village 2016 competition at the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo.

In conclusion, the forum participants thanked Rosseti for the interesting event, which makes it possible to discuss pressing energy issues at the international level, share experience, and propose and bring to life new projects of current relevance to the regional and global energy industry.

Peterhof SMP Director Elena Kalnitskaya, once again hosting the energy forum at one of St. Petersburg’s most iconic museums, thanked Rosseti chief Oleg Budargin for his support of the museum’s projects and wished the young energy specialists every future success. Peterhof’s central fountain, “Samson,” was turned on in honor of forum participants.


The International Youth Energy Forum (MMF – IYEF) has been held every year under the auspices of Rosseti PJSC since 2012 for the best young employees of the national power companies of Europe and Asia. Its rallying-cry is “Energy without Borders.” MMF (IYEF) 2016 is devoted to integrated development. The forum is expected to result in a universal system, based on sustainable energy consumption, for interaction between consumers and grids that is ready for pilot-project launch in participating team countries. Forum results are traditionally tallied at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), where teams submit their projects for expert review by a judges’ panel consisting of energy company top-managers and industry specialists. Moving forward, the best proposals made by MMF (IYEF) participants may be implemented in practice.

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