Rosseti Introduces Projects for Cooperation in Energy Efficiency and Energy Supply in Tokyo

Rosseti Introduces Projects for Cooperation in Energy Efficiency and Energy Supply in Tokyo 01.03.2016

Rosseti Company has taken active part in the forum entitled “Trade and Industry Dialog: Russia-Japan” in Tokyo, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation. Among other issues, the meeting participants discussed improving cooperation in the electrical energy sector, bilateral projects in the field of energy efficiency and energy-saving.

Discussing the future of international cooperation at the session entitled “Russian-Japanese Cooperation in the Sphere of Infrastructure Modernization,” Roman Berdnikov, First Deputy General Director of Rosseti PJSC, talked about his company, the strategic directions of its development, and noted the considerable potential for cooperation with Japanese companies.

Rosseti has successful experience in implementing joint projects with Japan’s leading energy companies, including Toshiba Corp., Hitachi Ltd, and J-Power Systems Corp. The Deputy Head of Rosseti specifically noted cooperation with Toshiba in the process of localizing the production of power transformers in St. Petersburg. The Silovye Mashiny (Power Machines OJSC) plant, which was created as a result of these efforts, currently has enough orders for several years to come.

According to Mr. Berdnikov, one of the top-priority directions for cooperation is the creation of a smart electrical-energy system.

In particular, Mr. Berdnikov suggested that Japanese companies participate in creating smart energy clusters in separate territories, and ways and mechanisms of financing such projects. One of the regions where the energy system of the future will be created is Kurortny District of St. Petersburg. 

“A comprehensive technical solution will provide a new level of energy security, help effectively manage energy consumption levels, improve the reliability of energy supply and elevate service quality,” Mr. Berdnikov said.

Discussing the development of the smart power industry, Mr. Berdnikov talked at length about developing renewable energy sources in Russia.

“Considering international trends to decrease costs, renewable energy sources have become accessible to small business customers, and the number of such businesses will continue to grow,” Mr. Berdnikov said. “Grid companies have therefore expressed interest in switching to the parallel use of RES, and creating the necessary grid reserves.” “Especially important is the use of RES in isolated or hard-to-access areas, where it might be difficult to deliver fuel for diesel generators. There are virtually no alternatives to RES in such cases. Right now, Rosseti is working on an electricity supply project in Orlik, a remote settlement in Buryatia, in close cooperation with Hitachi Company. We are planning to replicate this experience in other regions.”

Discussing the ambitious new projects that Japanese companies could invest in, Mr. Berdnikov mentioned the wind energy park in Kaliningrad Region, cooperation in the sphere of fiber optic technologies and optical effect equipment.

“Demand for such products in the Rosseti Group of Companies is growing. Right now, we are working on implementing target programs regarding the use of fiber optic cables and ground-wire fiber optics, which will make it possible to transfer the necessary amount of information in digital format,” Mr. Berdnikov said. 

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