"ROSSETI" and "BESK" companies have agreed on implementation of joint innovation projects

"ROSSETI" and "BESK" companies have agreed on implementation of joint innovation projects 02.11.2015

A large-scale 15th Russian Energy Forum has ended in Ufa, where the official signing ceremony for the Agreement on cooperation in the areas of technology policy between PJSC ROSSETI and OJSC BESK. 

Agreement on cooperation between one of the largest grid companies in the world and the a large energy company, carrying out power distribution in the Republic of Bashkortostan, aims to unite efforts in improvement of efficiency of the power grids complex enterprises, reliability of power grids and energy security of the industry as a whole. 

Also, a meeting between PJSC ROSSETI and OJSC BESK was held, where issues of implementation of new technologies in the field of management systems of power companies and prospects of implementation of joint projects were discussed. 

First Deputy Director General of PJSC ROSSETI Roman Berdnikov, opening the meeting, noted that the plans of power companies include active exchange of experience on technical cooperation. "We are ready to collaborate and share best practices, which, without doubt, are present in both companies", - he said. 

Particular attention was paid to discussion of the management system improvement issues. In particular, these included increasing staff efficiency and optimization of business processes of an energy company using a number of modern electronic systems.

According to the CEO of OJSC BESK Dmitry Sharovatov, transition to electronic management systems allows managers to remotely assess both the degree of man-loading rate and the personnel effectiveness, in order to effectively redistribute the load within each division, down to the most remote small power distribution zones services. 

During the discussion, the parties agreed to continue the exchange of good practices. "Such cooperation will benefit our companies", - Roman Berdnikov said.

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