Rosseti to install over thousand charging stations for electric vehicles through 2018

Rosseti to install over thousand charging stations for electric vehicles through 2018 24.09.2015
Within the framework of implementation of the Russian National program on the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, Rosseti will install about a thousand of charging stations for electric vehicles until the end of 2018.

This was stated by the First Deputy Director General for Technical Policy of PJSC Rosseti Roman Berdnikov at a press conference dedicated to the International electrical energy industry forum Rugrids-Electro 2015 at the International News Agency "Russia Today".

According to Roman Berdnikov, by now about 30 charging stations have already been installed in Moscow, the same number as in the regions. The company continues to consistently implement the plans stated, but today the question of intensity and pace of infrastructure development is determined by demand. In order for the infrastructure to develop actively, the country needs more electric vehicles. This is why the state's number one task today is to do everything to make electric cars more affordable and encourage consumers to purchase them. Especially important are non-material incentives of citizens to use electric motor vehicles on the part of the state, such as the extension of elimination of customs duties on imports of electric cars, free parking in the centre of Moscow, or permission to drive on designated lanes for public transport. The latter will considerably increase the demand for electric vehicles and Rosseti will actively promote this initiative.

"If a critical mass of electric vehicles appears in Russia, it will not be a problem for Rosseti to open up to 50 electric charging stations every month. Today, our main priorities are development of the basis, improvement of the regulatory and legal framework for the construction of charging infrastructure, and R&D," Roman Berdnikov stressed.

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