Rosseti’s Federal Test Centre and ‘Power Machines-Toshiba. High-Voltage Transformers’ Signed Cooperation Agreement

Rosseti’s Federal Test Centre and ‘Power Machines-Toshiba. High-Voltage Transformers’ Signed Cooperation Agreement 29.07.2015

Federal Test Centre (part of Rosseti Group) General Director Mr. Sergey Titov and Power Machines-Toshiba. High-voltage Transformers LLC General Director Mr. Andrey Pishchikov inked an agreement on cooperation. The document was signed in the presence of the head of Rosseti Group Mr. Oleg Budargin and Power Machines General Director Mr. Roman Filippov.

Under the agreement cooperation between the companies is planned within the frames of the creation of Federal Test Center (FTC). The collaboration will be focused on the development of local electrical production and introduction of high-quality power equipment in the power industry of Russia.

'We aim at using the best practices when we work on the realization of our plans and projects. Our joint efforts with ‘Power Machines-Toshiba. High-voltage Transformers’ will allow us to achieve success in the implementation our of import substitution policy', Oleg Budargin emphasized.

Roman Filippov noted that ‘Power Machines-Toshiba. High-voltage Transformers’ is interested in cooperation giving the perspectives for the expansion of competencies for the design and development of unique technical equipment: 'We are pleased to interact and willing to be fully involved in the construction of the Federal Test Centre. Power Machines intends to offer partners our deep expertise and experience in the production of the impact-excited generators required for testing high-voltage electrical equipment, and our joint-venture with Toshiba intends to offer the impact-excited transformers', he added.

Under the agreement, the parties will work out drafts for regulatory and technological basis of the Centre. 'We face quite a difficult task – to create a new unique centre. Together we plan to update standards and other regulatory documents for testing power transformer equipment and to use the facilities of ‘Power Machines - Toshiba. High-voltage Transformers’ plant at the initial phase for certain types of tests with further tests of the equipment at the facilities of FTC', Sergey Titov said.

The cooperation also provides for the R&D as well as experimental design work on the use of new technologies in the production of transformer equipment. 'Being the producers of electrical equipment we are interested in the construction and development of the test center in Russia. The launch of a modern testing facility in the country will allow Russian manufactures, among other things, to reduce time required for testing and their costs', Andrey Pishchikov said.

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