Stage of International Forum Was Held in Moscow. Beijing, Berlin and Paris Are Waiting.

Stage of International Forum Was Held in Moscow. Beijing, Berlin and Paris Are Waiting. 13.05.2015

From May 7 till May 10, 2015 the best young employees of Rosseti, JSC, State Grid Corporation of China, French Électricité de France (EDF), as well as promising young scientists from Russian universities specializing in energy issues, took part in the Moscow stage of the International Youth Forum, held annually since 2012 under the auspices of Rosseti, JSC within the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The theme of the Youth Forum in 2015 is 'Design and Integration of Electric Power Systems of the Future: Endless Opportunities?' In accordance with the tasks of the competition, teams design the energy systems of the future, taking into account opportunities for integration in various countries, and special features of infrastructure companies. In order to improve the quality of projects developed by young professionals, work visits of teams to companies, whose teams are participating in the Forum, are organized within the framework of the Forum events.

During their visit to Moscow, young energy engineers took part in a special session of the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, where leading experts presented the methodology of project work and foresight sessions, which will help participants to make the most accurate forecast of energy development trends.

In addition, key aspects of integration were discussed, which teams should consider when developing their projects. They are: introduction of unified standards for products and services in the electric power industry sector; appearance of new energy products and services for consumers; introduction of advanced technologies and equipment, taking into account technical and economic characteristics of national power systems; establishment of uniform standards, rules and mechanisms helping to form common markets; new investment projects and opportunities within the Euro-Asian energy bridge; searching for ways to create a common conceptual language for international electrical energy projects.

'Comments received from Skolkovo experts, especially at the beginning of the Forum, will allow us to most effectively use the IYF format to achieve our ultimate goals. We believe that our developments in the field of integration will be used in the industry in the future,' said the Captain of the Rosseti team - Ilya Shpinev.

'Participation in the forum has significantly expanded my understanding of the modern electric power industry, has enriched me professionally, both as a scientist and a teacher. I have learned many things that I can now pass on to my students,' said a member of the young scientists team.

Upon completion of the project work in Skolkovo, the delegations moved to Odintsovo Substation (under Moscow), where they familiarized themselves with the equipment and work of one of the modern objects of the Russian power grids sector.

It could be noted that foreign colleagues were most interested in staff training for work at Russian electricity grids and principles of operation of domestic power grids enterprises. During a tour to Odintsovo Substation they also showed great interest in the equipment installed there.

'We, of course, have an idea of what the electric power market in Europe looks like,' young EDF representatives shared their impressions, 'But till now we have had no opportunity to get to know the electric power market in Russia and China. We believe that an integration of national electric power systems is a promising trend, but its development is only possible with a common purpose and vision of the economic situation.'

At the office of Rosseti a tour to the Situation Analysis Centre was organized for the teams, and the Smart City Interactive Stand was demonstrated.

One of the central events of the programme for foreign guests in Moscow was an open discussion at a head office of Rosseti on prospects for national electric power systems integration. The questions were answered by the Director General of Rosseti, JSC - Oleg Budargin.

'I think that the Forum has correctly formulated the main challenge of the electric power industry in the near future. It is national electric power systems integration. This process is beneficial for everyone, both technically and economically,' said one of the members of young scientists team, one of the tasks for which at the Forum is expert support and project evaluation. 'Here, of course, specific problems (energy systems sustainability during their merging, spare capacities issue) appear. But all of then can be successfully solved with the help of integration.'

In the evening, on May 8, 2015, the delegation of young power engineers attended the concert of the Russian-Chinese Youth Orchestra under Valery Gergiev at the Concert Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic Society at Triumfalnaya Square. This concert was one of the final events of the XIV Easter Festival. The 'Leningrad' Symphony of D. Shostakovich was performed, as well as the 'Yellow River' Concerto for Piano and Orchestra by the Chinese composer Xinghai.

'Classical Music is one of my hobbies. It is particularly pleasant that it was within the Forum that I got a chance to hear live the Russian-Chinese Youth Symphony Orchestra under Valery Gergiev for the first time,' said one of young Russian energy engineers, who was present at the concert.

Victory Day was also full of events. On May 9, 2015 young workers from national energy companies participated in the ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 at the Moscow Defensive Line Memorial Complex in Nefedievo village near Moscow, where a monument to the power engineers who built electric shields on the outskirts of Moscow in 1941 was erected.

On the same day, they visited the Central Museum of World War II on Poklonnaya Gora.

'We were very happy to participate in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory,' admitted EDF team members.

'In Russia, we were greeted very warmly. An opportunity to come here is a good experience. We liked the atmosphere of the Forum, it was both business-like and creative. Participation in such an event is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the work of other companies, to share experiences, to learn something new. And of course - it was great to meet with our counterparts from other countries,' said the Captain of the EDF team - Nicolas Moreau.

'We really liked it here in Russia. We believe that such a conference is a good opportunity to discuss the challenges of the modern electric power industry and to meet colleagues from other countries,' young power engineers of the State Grid Corporation of China told about their impressions, 'We were especially amazed to see that Moscow is such a clean city. We really liked the cultural program, and we were really impressed by the celebration of Victory Day.'

'My impressions are positive. It was very interesting and pleasant to participate in such an event. The representatives of the universities are very grateful to Rosseti for the opportunity to share their experience with colleagues from leading companies of the electric power industry. 'As scientists, we are more often engaged in the development of a theory, while they, on the contrary, deal with practical issues, so we have a lot to tell each other,' noted a representative of a team of young scientists - Ilya Moskvin.

On May 10, 2015 the Moscow stage of the International Youth Energy Forum of Rosseti, JSC ended. The planned programme has been implemented in full. The main results of this stage was the introduction and establishment of friendly working relations between the teams - participants of the Forum; the study of modern tools for the design of the future; acquaintance with features of work and prospects of development of the Russian electric grids sector in the process of direct communication with colleagues and Rosseti Management; acquaintance with Russian culture and traditions.

Work visits of teams, participating in the IV International Youth Energy Forum, held under the auspices of Rosseti, are scheduled to be held soon in Beijing, Berlin and Paris, as announced by the organizers from Rosseti, JSC. According to the 'road map' of the Forum, the work visit of youth delegations of power engineers to Beijing will be held in the second half of May, 2015.

It is expected that delegates will visit industrial facilities of the State Grid Corporation of China, meet with experts and executives of the Corporation. Within the first decade of June, it is planned to organize similar activities of the Forum in Berlin and Paris.

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