JSC ROSSETI introduced complex of measures on import substitution to chamber of commerce and industry

JSC ROSSETI introduced complex of measures on import  substitution to chamber of commerce and industry 08.04.2015

In the course of the round table "JSC ROSSETI - prospects of import substitution in the industry" organized at the site of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (RF CCI), senior representatives of JSC ROSSETI and a number of its subsidiaries spoke about the measures taken by the company to implement the orders of the President of the Russian Federation to reduce dependence on imported equipment.

It is not easy to achieve full import substitution, said the President of the RF CCI, Sergey Katyrin, opening the event. This process is quite long; it is necessary not only to determine what to substitute, but also - with what. If talking about such companies as JSC ROSSETI, it is necessary to coordinate interests of the vast number of units, to build in small and medium manufacturing enterprises (which have yet to prove their reliability) into processing chains. "The task is not easy, but it should be solved", says Sergey Katyrin.

In his opening remarks, the Director General of JSC ROSSETI - Oleg Budargin - noted that at the moment all of the companies of the Group are engaged in provision of reliability of consumer supply and availability of power grids infrastructure services. At that, the modernization of the power grid sector is a rather pressing issue.

"Depreciation of equipment now exceeds 50 %, and in some regions - even 70%. JSC ROSSETI set a goal for itself to get out of the current difficult economic situation becoming stronger than it is now, and before others. It is possible only in cooperation with local manufacturers of electrical and technical equipment, which is to be used by our "daughters" for the repair of power facilities. After all, domestic developments have always been and should remain the best in the world," - says Oleg Budargin, adding that the state-owned company has a goal to revive centres of power engineering in Russia. In particular, the company is planning to achieve localization of electrical and technical equipment production in Russia at the level of 56% by 2017.

The First Deputy Director General for Technical Policy, Roman Berdnikov, spoke on a unified technical policy and main directions of innovative development of JSC ROSSETI.

The First Deputy Director General for Investments of JSC ROSSETI, Dan Belenkiy, announced, that by the moment JSC ROSSETI had developed a programme on reduction of import dependence from current 40% to 14% by 2019.

He also noted that today the share of imported equipment in power grids sector was about 40%, but in certain areas it could reach 90%. First of all, high-voltage gas-insulated switchgears, power cable and transformers are purchased abroad. These are products which should be (and can be) substituted by Russian analogues in the near future, because the load of Russian power grids enterprises, manufacturing the products for the industry, is only 50-80%, meaning there are capabilities to increase their performance.

The company is willing to provide guaranteed long-term orders, if the manufacturers comply with products delivery time and required price and quality balance according to current technical standards of JSC ROSSETI.

According to JSC ROSSETI, long-term contracts with manufacturers will contribute to maximum load of enterprises, more efficient planning and product development (for specific needs) and reduction of costs on modernization and construction of power facilities.

Within the programme of import substitution JSC ROSSETI is also creating a number of joint ventures both with foreign partners (ready to localize the production of electrical equipment in Russia) and with ROSTEC State Corporation. In collaboration with the latter the Technical Customer Center is being created.

Rostec State Corporation certainly has the capability to participate in the programme of import substitution within power grids sector, said the Head of the General Machine-Building Division of the Planning and Industrial Policy Department of Rostec State Corporation Roman Popov. He told about some of areas of the corporation activity, which can be interesting for JSC ROSSETI.

The President of the Centre of Investments, Technologies and Trade Pyotr Panov highlighted the programme of attraction of investments for the organization of Russian high-tech industries in his speech.

In conclusion, Oleg Budargin drew attention of the participants to the idea that all planned measures on reduction of dependence of the Russian power grids sector on imported equipment can be realized only in case of development and implementation of long-term rules for the industry operation. "JSC ROSSETI has repeatedly announced its offers and sent them to relevant departments," he added.

The representatives of small and medium-sized businesses also took part in the round table discussions. During these discussions, they exchanged views on a number of other issues of mutual interest, related to the problem of import substitution.

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