ROSSETI summarized the results for completion of its 2014 maintenance program

ROSSETI summarized the results for completion of its 2014 maintenance program  16.03.2015

JSC Rosseti summarized the results for completion of its maintenance program in 2014 by its subsidiary enterprises. All planned actives for maintenance of electrically-powered equipment at energy facilities, clearing and widening of forest corridors for overhead lines (OL), to support a high level of reliability of electrical power supply to the consumer, were performed on time.

In total in 2014, as part of the program of implementation in the area of responsibility of Rosseti subsidiaries, 172,800 km of power transmission lines of all voltage classes have been renovated in the distribution network. At high-voltage substations, repairs were carried out on 5,319 power transformers of 35 kV and higher, 56,737 switching devices, as well as 45,352 transformer substations 6 (10) -20 kV.

Special attention was given to power engineering by Rosseti in 2014, to bringing the forest corridors of the OLs of the main and distribution complexes up to standards, including widening the OHL routes, replacing 6-20 KV bare wire OHL with self-supporting insulated wire (SSIW), as well as removing standing trees, which threatened to fall on the wires.

As part of maintaining the OHL routes to standards in the last year, a territory of 143,836 hectares of forest corridor was cleared from trees and shrubs. Parallel to this, power engineers carried out compensatory activities by planting trees in areas far from the OHL.

In 2014, Rosseti subsidiaries increased the amount of work performed in-house, i.e., by using their own contracting organizations.

On their own, workers of subsidiary enterprises of Rosseti last year performed on average about 60% of the technical service and repair work on electrical networks, which is 4% higher than a year earlier. Leading by the scale of in-house implementation are IDGC Siberia and IDGC Volga, where the volume of maintenance work completed in-house reached 80%. 

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