ROSSETI kicked off the Energoproryv-2015 competition

ROSSETI kicked off the Energoproryv-2015 competition 04.03.2015

Rosseti announced the beginning of the competition Energoproryv-2015 on March 4 in Moscow. It is already the third contest in a row, in which more than 100 innovative projects participate yearly. According to the results of last year's Energoproryv, several team finalists received the opportunity to work with Rosseti enterprises. Winners may also count on the support of the Skolkovo Foundation. Developers of innovative projects in the electrical energy industry are invited to participate. Applications to participate in the competition may be filed until May 15, 2015 at

The significance of the competition and preliminary results from previous "Energoproryv" competitions were discussed today at a press conference, which was attended by Roman Berdnikov, First Deputy Director General for Technical Policy for Rosseti, Nickolay Grachev, Vice President and Executive Director of Energy-Efficient Technologies Cluster for the Skolkovo Foundation, Artem Organov, leading Russian scientist crystallographer, creator of a unique method of computerized design of crystal structure, professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, as well as Robert Urazov, assistant director of the Young Professionals branch at the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Roman Berdnikov spoke first, saying that for Rosseti (that means the more than two million electrical grids of various capacity across Russia) Energoproryv is absolutely essential, as the company continues to implement innovations in the power grids sector, despite holding down tariffs. "It is simply necessary for us to continue updating, we need innovative technologies in the area of smart energy. The company sees solutions to these problems, principally by implementing technology found on the fringe of various sciences and industries, such, for example, IT, the electric power industry, and communications. A unique distinction of this competition is the various scientific disciplines in synergy," emphasized Roman Berdnikov.

NIkolay Grachev concretized the goals of "Energoproryv-2015", saying that Skolkovo and other competition partners expect from its participants "as a search for new IT projects, and for solutions in the software field." "For us, as an institute of development, this competition is definitely special," said Grachev. "It stands out against the others, first of all, because we have a partner like Rosseti, who really provides finalists the opportunity to pilot-test technology on their power supply network. In this way, the teams immediately get a start in life. And this is very important for us and for start-ups. Our main goal is to create a working businesses," said Nickolay Grachev.

Robert Urazov talked about the social significance of the competition: "This is a wonderful opportunity for the contestants, not only to demonstrate their projects, but also to develop their competence. In fact, it is a means of social mobility for young people."

Leading Russian scientist crystallographer Artem Organov took the closing remarks: "I worked for a long time overseas, but have now returned to Russia, because here, now, conditions are being created for the work of young scientists. I am very happy that, despite the difficult economic situation, Rosseti has decided to hold the competition this year. I am certain that such competitions help to prevent 'brain drain."

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The main objective of the competition is to find and support those who are attracted to the development of the electrical energy industry, help present their project at specialized sites to potential investors and institutions. Applicants for grants are innovative, creative teams, consisting of young scientists and experts, researchers, graduate students, students, employees of small innovative enterprises and youth innovation centres, and also individual participants - young scientists or specialists. In addition to power engineering, researchers from other areas of knowledge can participate in the concourse - programmers, physicists, mathematicians, biologists, economists, and sociologists.

It is necessary to register and apply for participation before May 15 at the site

Winners will be determined on 17 October 2015 at the RuGrids-Electro forum.

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