Oleg Budargin: FTC should become the centre of energy efficiency

Oleg Budargin: FTC should become the centre of energy efficiency 02.03.2015

Today, 2 March 2015, in the Northern Capital, the head of Rosseti, Oleg Budargin, held a working meeting regarding issues of construction of the Federal Testing Center (FTC). The meeting was held in a resort area of Saint Petersburg, where construction work will begin in June 2015.

The Federal Testing Centre project is implemented by JSC Rosseti, in accordance with the request by the Russian Government. The new FTC will conduct all required, by domestic and international standards, listed qualification tests for new equipment and equipment under development for power grids. Also, the Centre's equipment allows them to lead the development of testing methods, standards, and regulations, approbation and verification of calculation methods, and controlled testing of equipment after accidents and technological disturbances.

The head of the resort district of St. Petersburg, Aleksey Kuimov; general director of Lenenergo OJSC, Vasily Nikonov; director general of the public company Federal Testing Center (FTC), Sergey Titov, as well as project developers of the complex and technical consultants participated in the meeting.

The head of Rosseti, Oleg Budargin, emphasized that the FTC should become not only a platform for experimentation, research and development, but also a base for personnel training, and a centre for energy efficiency: "Saving energy and improving energy efficiency - these are not only components of the country's energy security, but also high-tech solutions, innovative solutions, allowing each to use energy resources efficiently. The FTC should be an example, both in terms of the organization of its own infrastructure, and in terms of the interactive popularity of the very idea of saving energy.

At the present time, the territory of the Federal Testing Center is being designed and approval of architectural proposals for the complex is in progress.

The project plans to construct 20 laboratories, including a high-amperage current laboratory, high-voltage equipment stands, an environmental chamber for testing electricity-generating equipment, and also a laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility and assessment of mechanical effect.

Civil works are planned to start in June 2015. 

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