ROSSETI participate in the 12th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum

ROSSETI participate in the 12th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum 27.02.2015

Representatives of JSC Rosseti participate in the work of the 12th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

After attending the plenary meeting "Russia and countries of the APR, from integration policy to development projects" director general of JSC Rosseti, Oleg Budargin spoke at the meeting for the Work Group, "Development of the Energy Infrastructure," at which, in particular, prospects were discussed for a construction project of the Asian energy ring.

The head of Rosseti noted, that the given project has a number of pluses, including the opportunity for increasing share and diversification of export lines of energy resources in Asian countries (not only raw materials, but end products in the form of electrical power), lowering dependence on supply from demand from the side of mono-consumers by means of a ring system, and the appearance of possibilities for joint implementation of investment projects for a number of infrastructure companies within the country. Synchronized construction of oil and gas pipelines, power transmission lines, as well as railways, allows their implementation in single 'corridors', optimizing the cost of the project.

"Electrical grid infrastructure, which Russia has, is necessary not only in Western countries, but also in Asian states, and it certainly could be our advantage," said Oleg Budargin.

An additional strength of the project may become the peak load coincidence, which is related to geographic features of potential participants (Russia is a northern country, and the Asian block APR are southern countries).

In addition, the ring captures three time zones (from Vladivostok to Altai), which allows us to lower the reserve and raise the load on our existing equipment.

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The 12th Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum is dedicated to the discussion of key directions for economic policy, in the context of structural constraints and geopolitical risks.

In an open-discussion format, forum participants discuss challenges of improving the competitiveness of Russian economics; with special focus on issues of import substitution and strengthening economic cooperation with countries of the Asia-Pacific Region and Latin America.

Representatives from the Government of the Russian Federation, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, federal executive authorities, office of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Siberian Federal District, regional government authorities, institutes for development, state-owned corporations and business communities, as well as Russian and foreign experts are traditionally involved in the work of the forum. 

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