The head of ROSSETI met with representatives of contracting organization

The head of ROSSETI met with representatives of contracting organization 11.02.2015

The Director General of JSC ROSSETI, Oleg Budargin, held a production meeting with representatives of contracting organizations participating in the implementation of investment programmes of the Rosseti Group of Companies.

The preliminary results of the cumulative investment programme for 2014 were summarized at the meeting. Specifically, in the last year subsidiaries of Rosseti added almost 33,000 km of power transmission lines of various voltage types (119% more than planned) and more than 15,000 MBA transformer capacity (96%, accordingly).

Upon discussion of the current financial and economic conditions and action plans in the near and middle-term, Oleg Budargin emphasized that Rosseti, jointly with its partners, must work on optimizing production processes and increasing efficacy. "It is necessary to emerge from the existing situation stronger, take upon ourselves new types of work, bring cooperation with foreign partners to a new level, stimulate production of the total required amount of electrically-powered equipment on the territory of Russia," added the head of Rosseti.

Separate attention was given to sequestering of the investment program for 2015. This is related to the economic environment and the necessity of optimizing the list of projects under construction, leaving only the really in-demand facilities.

Rosseti called on the contractors in the current conditions to carry out their work uniformly over the course of a year to lessen peak financial load on subsidiaries at specific periods of time, eliminate unjustified overstatement of service costs, and failure to meet time constraints. There was also talk about the importance of the overriding priority of construction workmanship, assembling and handling of production documents. Upon completing contracts, contractors were asked to use equipment, as much as possible, which was produced inside the country. 

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