Head of JSC "ROSSETI" held the first meeting of public commission for ecology direction at polar explorers association

Head of JSC "ROSSETI" held the first meeting of public commission for ecology direction at polar explorers association 11.12.2014

Oleg Budargin called the formation of large-scale ecological culture as a prerequisite for the development of the Arctic zone.

The first meeting of a public commission of Polar Explorers Association for Ecology issues was held by the Director General of JSC "ROSSETI", the Vice-President of Polar Explorers Association - Oleg Budargin - within IV International Forum "The Arctic: Present and Future" organized in St-Petersburg. Participants of a strategy session formulated key priorities for the work of a new body and basic principles of supply and processing of initiatives aimed at improving the environment of the Arctic zone - so important for Russia.

"Development of the Far North and the Arctic is inextricably linked with the state of the environment. It is there the climate of the Earth, the atmosphere in the full sense of the word, are formed," Oleg Budargin addressed a welcoming speech to the participants of the commission, - And now is the time for fast, active and even aggressive actions aimed at the development of the region. At that it is essential when developing the Arctic territories to maintain the ecological balance of this unique area, to take into account negative and positive experience of the past decades, to form large-scale ecological culture. It is a mandatory condition for the development of the Arctic. Our common task is to eliminate the accumulated environmental damage of the past and to work with the most advanced environmentally friendly technologies."

Oleg Budargin also informed the participants about the implementation of the orders of the President of the Russian Federation for the construction of the Federal Testing Centre of JSC "ROSSETI" in St-Petersburg.

"There were 60 testing centres in the Soviet Union, but today we have none of them. One of the tasks for a new centre of JSC "ROSSETI" is the preparation of equipment and technologies for exploration and development of the Arctic. The work of the centre will invariably be based on the principle of conservation of the Northern Territory, " said Oleg Budargin.

The participants of the first meeting of the commission on environmental issues of the Arctic exploration reviewed the regulations for filing and processing of initiatives and the order of their implementation. Till December 25, 2014 according to the results of initiative proposals processing there will be formed a work plan of a public body for 2015.

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IV International Forum "The Arctic: Present and Future" is organized under the auspices of the Polar Explorers Association, Inter-Regional Public Organization, supported by JSC "ROSSETI" and aimed to support the public policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

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