On December 1, 2014 as part of implementation of power grid assets consolidation strategy performed by Rosseti Group of Companies, as well as of road map of consolidation of power grids sector of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania dated 28.08.2014, a grid property leasing contract was signed between IDGC of the North Caucasus, JSC and one of the largest regional grid organizations in North Ossetia - Alaniaelektroset, JSC. In accordance with the requirements of applicable legislation the implementation of this transaction is approved by the Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania.

The realization of this project started back in 2011. During these three years, together with the authorities of North Ossetia-Alania region, a huge part of work was performed on transfer of the municipal property to the republican ownership and subsequent vesting of the property to former Alaniaelektroset, SUE (in August 2014 the company was privatized and transformed into Alaniaelektroset, JSC).

The electrical equipment, composing the most part of assets on the territory of the country beyond the control of the Company, was transferred to the management of interregional distribution grid company. We are talking about consumers of Vladikavkaz, Alagir and mountainous part of Alagir region in North Ossetia. The scope of work will increase by almost a twice.

According to the signed Contract, IDGC of the North Caucasus, JSC received 411 transformer substations of total capacity of 224.5 MVA; 170 oil circuit-breakers of 6-10 kV; 1,178 load switches, as well as about 1,352 km of power transmission lines (of which the main share is cable transmission lines - 578 km of 0.4 kV and more than 376 km of 6 kV, while almost 288 km is overhead lines of 0.4 kV and about 110 km - overhead lines of 6 kV) for leasing.

The interregional distribution grid company has already started to adjust an annual schedule of repair programme for 2015, to introduce amendments to the Company's business plan for the coming period, taking into account the property, received for leasing.

Planning their further work, power engineers of IDGC of the North Caucasus, JSC will have to take into account a number of factors, and, above all, the prevalence of cable grids at the leased property. Much more time is stipulated by the regulations to eliminate any accident on such grids, as a rule such grids are "looped". At the moment, a significant portion of these lines are enrolled as damaged, so the experts of the branch in North Ossetia consider the cable lines repairing as one of the primary tasks, and therefore, the possibility of creating an additional team to restore cable lines is under consideration.

The most important task for the first year of operation of grids transferred for leasing is bringing them into proper condition, as well as solving a number of important issues, including the reduction of losses in electric grids of the leased property, which today is a little higher than in grids of the branch in North Ossetia.

Changes will occur in technological connection of new facilities. Taking into account that applications for technological connection of all categories of consumers (in accordance with applicable law) came to IDGC of the North Caucasus, JSC indirectly through Alaniaelektroset, JSC, then, in case of leasing of these grids, time for preparation of necessary documentation is to be significantly reduced.

With regard to structural changes in mountain areas leased electric grid facilities are planned to reassign to Alagir regional power grids, while Urban Electric Power Grids of North Ossetia branch of IDGC of the North Caucasus will be created in Vladikavkaz.

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