ROSSETI continues to reduce energy losses in grids

ROSSETI continues to reduce energy losses in grids 10.11.2014

Within the implementation of the policy of innovative development, energy saving, and increased energy efficiency, distribution energy grid companies in the Rosseti group reduced their actual energy losses in energy grids to 31 bn kW/h, which amounts to 7.61% of the energy output to the grid, based on resulks for 8 months of 2014. In the primary circuit complex losses were reduced to 13.8 bn kW/h or 4.1% of the total energy output.

Compared to the similar period of 2013 the decrease in energy losses in distribution grids was 0.326 bn kW/h (525 mln Rubles excluding VAT) and in primary circuit grids - 0.583 (1.312 bn Rubles excluding VAT). The total savings in the Rosseti group amounted to 1.837 bn Rubles excluding VAT.

According to the development strategy of electrical grid complex, by 2017 energy losses should be reduced by 11% as compared to 2012. In 2009-2012 losses decreased by 8.5%, in 2013 compared to 2012 - by 2.1%.

Main reasons for energy losses in transportation are outdated and obsolete equipment, consumption without contracts, and theft of energy.

Companies of the Rosseti group regularly install modern equipment, use best technologies and introduce innovative solutions during the modernization of Russian electrical grid complex to achieve minimum losses in grids.

Energy companies together with law enforcement agencies conduct regular inspections to identify and curb off-the-meter energy consumption.

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