Winners of the competition “Energoproryv 2014”

Winners of the competition “Energoproryv 2014” 17.10.2014

At the International RuGrids-Electro Electric Power Forum, on Rosseti’s Youth Policy platform, the winners and finalists of the "Energoproryv 2014” Innovation Competition, received prizes in the official awards ceremony.

The General Director of Rosseti, Oleg Budargin, attended at the ceremony.

"For us - all the power engineers working today - it is very important that a new generation will be ready to replace us tomorrow. It is essential that you will support tomorrow the “smart grids” we are building today. We are definitely going to support the best innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies," he said, referring to the contestants, young designers, professionals, and students of specialized universities. The CEO of Rosseti presented certificates and prizes to the winners and participants.

In the competition - "Energoproryv 2014" - the jury awarded the grand prize (in the category “Innovation Project”) for the development of a "Monitoring System of Icing Intensity.” A team of young designers, headed by a senior lecturer of the Kamyshin Institute of Technology, Dmitry Titov, designed the system.

"It is great that the younger generation has an opportunity to offer their ideas directly to the leadership of large companies such as Rosseti, test their ideas, participate in the production process, and conduct full-scale tests in functioning grids. It is remarkable that the grids are open for cooperation. Moreover, it was at this forum - RuGrids-Electro – that we got the idea to join forces with one of the teams to determine the residual life of the overhead wire line. We have tentatively agreed to conduct joint work on the development of our projects," commented Dmitry Titov on his participation in the competition.

Also, the following projects received awards: "Mobile Inspections", project manager - Andrey Burmakin (2nd place in the category "Innovation Project"); "On-line Quality Control of Electrotechnical Oils," project manager - Alexander Smotritsky (3rd place in the category "Innovation Project); "Portable Digital X-ray Systems," project manager - Alexey Yakub (in the category "Promising Idea"); "Kanatokhod (Cablewalker) Robotic Diagnosis System”, project manager - Alexander Lemekh (in the category "Original Solution").

The jury of "Energoproryv 2014" included representatives of Rosseti and external experts.


"Energoproryv-2014" is a Russia-wide competition in the field of high-tech innovation and development projects – this is the second year in a row it has been held. Rosseti is the competition organizer. A cluster of energy-efficient technologies of Skolkovo Foundation have partnered with the competition.

The general media information partner of the competition is the magazine: "Electric Power. Transmission and distribution". The competition aims to attract young scientists and specialists to address specific scientific and technical innovation tasks to create a new generation of electric power in Russia. The contest is held through a special portal - Every year, a special theme is chosen for the competition. In 2014, the theme of the competition was "Intelligent Management of Power Grid Assets". In 2014, the competition received 138 projects from 39 cities of Russia from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad.

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