At RUGRIDS-ELECTRO the winners “From idea to implementation” were announced

At RUGRIDS-ELECTRO the winners “From idea to implementation” were announced 16.10.2014

On October 15 and 16, within the framework of the International Rugrids-Electro International Electric and Energy Forum the first ever competition for projects and ideas on the subject of electric grid complex "From idea to implementation" was held at the Youth Policy platform of Rosseti. General Director of Rosseti, Oleg Budargin, came to the awards ceremony to award certificates and prizes to the winners and participants of the competition.

"We must emphasize that the most important goal of all projects of the competition is increasing reliability, which for Rosseti is currently the most important task. For us it is very important that young energy specialists pay special attention to improving reliability," said the head of Rosseti.

The jury awarded the main prize of the competition "From idea to Implementation" to the development of the MobIn software tool kit by the company Mobile Inspections.

The solution is designed to collect and process technical information in order to optimize processes for monitoring, analysing and managing data on the state of the equipment. In particular, the system can automatically generate daily automatic work orders for line walkers of power lines on the basis of current data, and keep a log of equipment inspection online.

"We still have to do a bit more to finalize our design, "tailor" it to fit the workflows specifically for Rosseti, and a pilot project can be undertaken in any part of the company," said Andrey Burmakin, General Director of Mobile Inspections.

Also, among the most interesting projects of the competition "From Idea to Implementation", the jury noted in particular the 3D virtual simulator, presented by Sisitemotehnika 3D from Kazan.

"It was interesting to get a professional evaluation of my project by Rosseti's technical experts. Hopefully, in the future we will be able to find support for the implementation of our project," shared Igor Lizunov, participant, developer of a 3D virtual simulator, Associate Professor of Power Engineering at the University of Kazan.

The competition was the finale of the assessment of design and creativity displayed by young employees of power grid companies in similar contests organized by Rosseti.

The ideas, projects, and developments presented at the competition require further support for their practical implementation. At the competition, young professionals can present their project ideas to a wide range of experts and get their assessment.

The composition of the jury included both external experts and representatives of the relevant divisions of Rosseti. Jurors gave a peer review of 10 best innovative projects developed in the framework of the International Youth section SPIEF 2014, the International Forum of young power engineers and industrialists "The Fast and the Furious 2014", the competition "Energoproryv 2014", regional and corporate competitions in innovative developments.

"For me personally, the determining factor in choosing the winner of the contest was alignment with the priorities of the company. Development should enhance the reliability, efficiency, and productivity of our employees, and, of course, have a high degree of readiness to be introduced into the production process of the company," said Sergey Kataev, Chairman of the Jury of "From Idea to Implementation", Director of Asset Management at Rosseti.

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