Knowledge exchange between ROSSETI and EDF

Knowledge exchange between ROSSETI and EDF 28.08.2014

The ROSSETI Group’s delegation met with EDF representatives in Paris to share their knowledge in new technologies for managing the electricity complex and power consumption.

This official meeting of the ROSSETI delegation is being held at the 45th Session of the CIGRÉ International Council on Large Electric Systems.

EDF demonstrated its experience with the Concept Grid laboratory. The three-hectare testing facility was created by EDF to conduct field and laboratory testing on a real network. There are no consumers connected to the network so it is possible to model various events in the network without limitations while also changing the load, the frequency and level of the voltage and monitor how the equipment reacts.

ROSSETI specialists also visited the operational Ternes 220 kV underground substation which consists of seven underground stories. The facility was built in the 1970s and provides power to around 70,000 consumers. Electricity is fed along 10,000km of power lines from this main substation. The substation is maintenance-free and is managed remotely.

Issues like developing the smart grid and the benefits of equipping consumers with smart meters were discussed at the Showroom Smart Grids Grenelle presentation centre.

The meeting concluded in EDF’s Operational Agency where the Russian delegation and their French colleagues discussed the details of managing energy systems, including during emergencies and repairs, while the Agency’s specialists presented an automated online system for managing resources and personnel, which, according to the EDF representatives, has allowed the company to significantly improve their efficiency and increase productivity by 10%.

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