ROSSETI and the Moscow administration will expand infrastructure for electric cars

ROSSETI and the Moscow administration will expand infrastructure for electric cars 27.08.2014

ROSSETI and the Moscow administration have signed a partnership agreement to develop the electric car market and a charging station infrastructure in the capital.

The partners will create a special task force which will, among others, develop the drafts of legal documents which will regulate the electric car market and the charging infrastructure in the Moscow area. There are also plans to implement a number of investment projects to create new charging stations in various locations around the city which would account for the transport and urban planning policies pursued by the Moscow administration. Charging stations will also provide free parking for electric cars.

Various issues provided for in the agreement, including the connection of the charging stations to the utility networks and providing them with the necessary power, will be resolved by ROSSETI’s subsidiary the Moscow United Electric Grid Company which has been implementing a program to create a network of charging stations for electric cars in Moscow and the Oblast since 2011.

“Under the MUEGC-EV program, there are currently 28 charging stations operating in the capital and ROSSETI is planning to determine the locations of and begin constructing around 80 more charging stations in Moscow in the near future,” noted Roman Berdnikov, ROSSETI’s First Deputy General Director for Technical Policy.

“In the next few years, we will need to create a full-fledged infrastructure for environmentally-friendly transport. People who own electric cars need to know that they are fully supported by the city’s infrastructure and can use this means of transportation without worry as they have an expansive network of charging stations and parking spaces. This invites many Muscovites to choose electric cars as their means of personal transport. Which will in turn help us reach a new level of development for the capital’s transport sector. And this phase will be one of the most important steps for Moscow which will facilitate the creation of a modern, convenient and civilised transport infrastructure", noted Deputy Moscow Mayor and Head of Moscow’s Department for Transport and the Development of Road and Transport Infrastructure Maksim Liksutov.

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