Two months before certification

Two months before certification 15.08.2014

subsidiaries to examine the progress related to preparing the power grid infrastructure for the upcoming 2014-2015 fall-winter season.

ROSSETI's Chief Engineer Aleksandr Faustov noted that, overall, measures aimed at ensuring a reliable power supply to the company's consumers during the peak winter season have been progressing according to approved schedules throughout the entire group.

As of today, the annual maintenance plan has been 58.9% fulfilled across the Group's companies in financial terms. In 2014, 34.4 billion roubles were allocated for the maintenance program.

In addressing the managers of the company's subsidiaries, Oleg Budargin noted that there was an overall 9.2% decrease of the accident incidence rate at facilities throughout the electricity sector in the first half of this year as compared with the previous year, however, he also instructed the heads of those subsidiaries who have allowed an increase in this indicator to conduct a comprehensive investigation, find out the reasons for this increase and immediately eliminate them.

The company head also reminded those present for the meeting that the certificate affirming the company's readiness for the fall-winter season must be obtained by October 15, which is why all maintenance operations must be finished by this deadline. Budargin believes that if there are any issues with keeping to the schedule, it is necessary to immediately amend the planning, which includes planning procurement.

In conclusion, the General Director focused everyone's attention to the fact that within the present environment, all of the country's backbone enterprises must consolidate their efforts to ensure the reliable operation of strategically important economic sectors, which includes the electricity, agricultural, oil, gas and transport sectors. Today, enormous responsibility is placed on the shoulders of managers at ROSSETI subsidiaries not only to ensure the uninterrupted work of energy facilities but to also closely cooperate with their colleagues and partners in the regions.

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