ROSSETI increases power line corridor clearing and enlarging operations by over 50% in 2014

ROSSETI increases power line corridor clearing and enlarging operations by over 50% in 2014 29.07.2014

ROSSETI has summarised the preliminary results on its program to clear and enlarge overhead power line corridors for the first six months in 2014. During this time, the company was able to clear over 66,000 hectares.

The program to clear and enlarge power line corridors is one of the most important focus areas for the ROSSETI Group. The quality of these operations directly influences the increase in the reliability of the power supply for consumers in 73 different regions because fallen trees can seriously disrupt operations throughout the power grid.

Acting Director of the Department for Managing the Analysis of Conditions of ROSSETI Assets Farit Shaidullin noted, "This year, we were able to not only preserve our work speeds, but we were also able to increase our speed of clearing and enlarging power line corridors. The ROSSETI Group plans to clear a total of 132,003 hectares, which is 9,566 hectares or 8% more than in 2013 (122,437 hectares in 2013). The volume of work dealing with enlarging corridors increased by 44% or 10,025 hectares and will amount to 31,872 hectares in 2014 (21,847 hectares in 2013)."

As of July 16, 2014, trees and shrubs were cleared on 57,377 hectares of land within existing corridor boundaries, while 9,358 hectares of land was cleared to enlarge corridors.

The personnel involved in the operations to clear and enlarge power line corridors has been provided with the necessary equipment - hand-held bush cutters and power saws and they are assisted by heavy machinery like tractors, including those able to clear the growth while fully recycling the debris. Workers are also using new equipment - mulchers, which are meant for shredding trees and shrubs into mulch. Their use has significantly improved the speed of clearing and decreases operation costs due to the lower number of personnel needed.

During a meeting with several chief engineers from the company's subsidiaries to discuss the renovation campaign before the 2014-2015 winter season, the head of ROSSETI Oleg Budargin paid special attention to the necessity to increase the tempos of the program to clear and enlarge power line corridors. Instructions to undertake comprehensive measures to rectify deviations from the schedule no later than August were particularly given to the Federal Grid Company of the Unified Power System, KubanEnergo OJSC and the North-Western Interregional Distribution Grid Company. 

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